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No.7 2018
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New Books and Video Series


  The book contains multiple figures (fossil line-drawing included) and photochromes, a systematic description of graptolite fauna in the Mid- to Late Ordovician Black Shales and limestones (more than 100 species in 45 genera and 17 families).  

  Book information: CHEN Xu, ZHANG Yuandong, Daniel GOLDMAN, Stig M. BERGSTROM, FAN Juanxuan, WANG Zhihao, Stanley C. FINNEY, CHEN Qing, MA Xuan. 2017. Darriwilian to Katian (Ordovician) Graptolites from Northwest China. Zhejiang University Press. ISBN: 978-7-308-17796-2. 



  The video course series The Origin and Evolution of Life was published by the Open University of China Press. The series consists of 60 episodes of lectures given by 21 palaeontological experts from NIGPAS and IVPP, divided by 6 chapters according to the fossil findings in the last century. 



  The electronic book Evolution of Reproductive Organs in Land Plants edited by Prof. WANG Xin from NIGPAS and others was released by the magazine Frontiers in Plant Science. Please find the book at: https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/5004/evolution-of-reproductive-organs-in-land-plants  

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