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Int'I Cooperation
Dr. Markus Aretz has assumed his CAS Visiting Scholarship
NIGPAS Delegation visited British Geological Survey (BGS)...
NIGPAS delegates participated in the GSA 129th Annual Mee...
· PALAEONEWS > No.6 2017[2018-02-23]
· The Communist Party Secretary of Jiangsu Province paid an inspectio...[2018-02-13]
· “Center for Excellence in Life and Paleoenvironment, CAS” is unde...[2018-02-13]
· The Annual Meeting of the Palaeontological Society of Invertebrates...[2017-12-20]
· A Symposium on the “Formation and Distribution of the Shale Gas in...[2017-11-29]
· Students were taken systematic training for field practice in Yicha...[2017-11-17]
· IGCP 653 Annual Meeting 2017 was held in Yichang, China[2017-10-28]
· Prof. FAN Junxuan from NIGPAS was granted 2017 “National Science F...[2017-10-27]

Research Progress
· When animal put the first footprint on the earth?[2018-06-07]
· Cyclic cold climate during the Nantuo Glaciation[2018-06-05]
· The early record of halysitid tabulate corals from the Ordovician o...[2018-06-05]
· The paleobiogeography of Middle Permian foraminifers from the Lhasa...[2018-06-05]
· Discovery of isolated plates of Microdictyon from North China Platform[2018-06-05]
· Advances on Triassic palynology of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau[2018-06-05]
· Diversification patterns of brachiopods after the end Ordovician ma...[2018-06-05]
· Late Devonian benthic ostracods from western Junggar, NW China[2018-06-05]

Library & Publications
The NIGPAS library, founded in 1953, now houses over 280,000 volumes of professional books and tomes on palaeontology and stratigraphy. Among these...

· Josef Psenicka et al.: Stor...[2017-11-30]
· Prof. LI Tiegang: Prospect ...[2017-11-23]
· Dr. Markus Aretz: Biostrati...[2017-10-14]
· Prof. Torsten WAPPLER: Plan...[2017-10-17]
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