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Int'I Cooperation
Notice: IGCP 653 Annual Meeting 2017
Memorandum of Understanding signed between NIGPAS and Swe...
Memorandum of Understanding signed between NIGPAS and BGS
· WANG Weiming was elected as a vice-president of the International F...[2017-07-20]
· Memorandum of Understanding signed between NIGPAS and Swedish Museu...[2017-05-23]
· Memorandum of Understanding signed between NIGPAS and BGS[2017-05-23]
· Macroevolution of Early Palaeozoic Faunas and IGCP653 Workshop held...[2017-05-17]
· Glenn Brock assuming CAS visiting professorship[2017-05-09]
· Oliver Lehnert assuming CAS visiting professorship[2017-05-09]
· Anisimova Anatolievna assuming CAS visiting professorship[2017-05-09]
· David J. Bottjer made lectures on Paleogenomics[2017-05-05]

Research Progress
· Research progress in Ediacaran biostratigraphy of South China[2017-08-09]
· Middle–Upper Ordovician chitinozoan assemblage from Yangtze Platform[2017-08-09]
· The ecological effect through the end Ordovician mass extinction[2017-08-09]
· Morphological study of clam shrimps Diestheria from Jehol Biota[2017-08-09]
· New progress on the study of clam shrimps from Yanji Basin[2017-07-20]
· Euphyllophytes have abundant fossil records in the Upper Devonian[2017-07-20]
· A diminutive euphyllophyte from the Middle Devonian of Xinjiang ver...[2017-07-20]
· Thylacocephala (Arthropoda) from the Lower Triassic of Chaohu, China[2017-07-20]

Library & Publications
The NIGPAS library, founded in 1953, now houses over 280,000 volumes of professional books and tomes on palaeontology and stratigraphy. Among these...

· Prof. Jean-Bernard Caron: T...[2017-07-21]
· Prof. Paulo H. Labiak Evang...[2017-07-07]
· Dr. Emilie Wang: Elsevier-C...[2017-07-06]
· Prof. JIN JIsuo: Post-extin...[2017-07-03]
For Fossil Enthusiasts
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