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Research Progress
Specialized termite-loving rove beetles trapped in 99-mil...
Courtship Behaviour Trapped in 100-Million-Year-Old Amber
The palaeodiversity of Agaricales: evidence from mushroom...
· 【Nature】Mining threatens Chinese fossil site that revealed planet...[2017-04-24]
· 【Science】Bulldozers threaten what may be the world’s oldest anim...[2017-04-24]
· Specialized termite-loving rove beetles trapped in 99-million-year-...[2017-04-10]
· Courtship Behaviour Trapped in 100-Million-Year-Old Amber[2017-03-17]
· The palaeodiversity of Agaricales: evidence from mushrooms and myco...[2017-03-14]
· Specialized beetles shed light on predator–prey associations in th...[2017-03-07]
· Global microbial carbonate proliferation after the end Devonian mas...[2017-03-03]
· Discovery of diverse radiodontans from the Cambrian Chengjiang Lage...[2017-03-03]

Int'I Cooperation News
· PALAEONEWS > No.4 2016[2017-02-08]
· Workshop on Advanced Techniques for Palaeobiology held in Nanjing[2017-02-08]
· Memorandum of Understanding signed between NIGPAS and IGS, PAS[2017-02-08]
· YIN Zongjun was awarded the 2016 Academic Praise for Biology by the...[2017-02-08]
· 14th International Palynological Congress (IPC) and 10th Internatio...[2017-02-08]
· NIGPAS Scientists Attended the 35th International Geological Congress[2017-02-08]
· Paul Taylor given lectures on the oceanic paleoecology in NIGPAS[2017-02-08]
· Carl Brett given lectures on taphonomy and sequence stratigraphy in...[2017-02-08]

Library & Publications
The NIGPAS library, founded in 1953, now houses over 280,000 volumes of professional books and tomes on palaeontology and stratigraphy. Among these...

· Dr. Joseph Botting: Early s...[2017-01-10]
· Dr. Shane Schoepfer: PTB in...[2016-12-12]
· Prof. Carl Brett: Taphonomy...[2016-11-25]
· Profs. Rachel Wood & Andrey...[2016-11-24]
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