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Research Progress
New progress on the late Ediacaran potential index fossil...
New progress on the taphonomy of Jehol Biota
New progress on the leaf evolution in early-diverging ferns
· New progress on the late Ediacaran potential index fossil Sinotubul...[2015-06-24]
· New progress on the taphonomy of Jehol Biota[2015-05-29]
· New progress on the leaf evolution in early-diverging ferns[2015-05-22]
· An Ordovician variation on Burgess Shale-type biotas was found in N...[2015-05-11]
· New Progress on formative processes of flat-pebble conglomerates an...[2015-05-09]
· [Nature]Mesozoic insect mothering[2015-04-10]
· Triassic-Jurassic climate in continental high-latitude Asia was dom...[2015-04-09]
· New progress on carbon and nitrogen isotopic records during the Tou...[2015-04-07]

Int'I Cooperation News
· The 12th Symposium on Mesozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems(Second Circular)[2015-06-24]
· The 7th International Brachiopod Congress was held in Nanjing[2015-06-12]
· China-UK Scoping Workshop on Biosphere Evolution and Resilience was...[2015-06-11]
· Mike S. Pole assuming CAS visiting professorship[2015-05-13]
· The Sino-US Critical Transitions Workshop 2015 was held at Chicago[2015-04-27]
· The 12th International Symposium on Fossil Cnidaria and Porifera wa...[2015-03-09]
· M. ENGEL and D. HUANG Honored for International Collaborative Work[2015-03-06]
· Graham Shields Win Jiangsu Friendship Award 2014[2014-09-22]

Library & Publications
The NIGPAS library, founded in 1953, now houses over 280,000 volumes of professional books and tomes on palaeontology and stratigraphy. Among these...

· Dr. Xiaowen Sun: One and on...[2015-06-24]
· Dr. Mike Pole: Vegetation h...[2015-06-24]
· Dr. Xiaowen Sun: Natural fr...[2015-06-24]
· Prof. Norman MacLeod: Datab...[2015-05-13]
For Fossil Enthusiasts
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