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State Key Laboratory of Palaeobiology and Stratigraphy (LPS)
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Departmental Staff List
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Departmental Staff List

The following tables list all staff in the department, together with phone extension numbers and email addresses. Click on a staff member's name to go to their own home page.

If phoning from outside the Institute, add +86  (25)  83282 to the extension number.

Name Phone Email
 Dr. WANG Jun 227  jun.wang@nigpas.ac.cn
 Dr. LI Jianguo 228  jgli@nigpas.ac.cn
 Dr. ZHOU Zhiyan, Academician 229  zyzhou@nigpas.ac.cn
 Dr. LIU Lujun 226  ljliu@nigpas.ac.cn
 Dr. WANG Weiming 222  wmwang@nigpas.ac.cn
 Dr. WANG Yongdong  221  ydwang@nigpas.ac.cn
 Dr. HUANG Fei 228  fhuang@nigpas.ac.cn
 Dr. YANG Xiaoju 225  xjyang@nigpas.ac.cn
 Dr. WANG Xin 266  xinwang@nigpas.ac.cn
 Dr. MAO Limi 245  lmmao@nigpas.ac.cn
 Dr. XU Honghe 230  hhxu@nigpas.ac.cn 
 Dr. SHU Junwu 246  jwshu@nigpas.ac.cn
 Mr. MEI Shengwu 225  swmei@nigpas.ac.cn
Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology Chinese Academy of Sciences
No.39 East Beijing Road ,Nanjing 210008, CHINA Phone: 0086-25-83282105 Fax: 0086-25-83357026 Email: ngb@nigpas.ac.cn