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· Josef Psenicka et al.: Story of Understorey of Permian Forest [2017-11-30]
· Prof. LI Tiegang: Prospect of research on Micropaleontology and Paleooceanogr... [2017-11-23]
· Dr. Markus Aretz: Biostratigraphic markers for defining GSSP levels in the Ca... [2017-10-14]
· Prof. Torsten WAPPLER: Plant-insect interactions and their importance for the... [2017-10-17]
· Prof. Paul Olsen: Exploration of Mesozoic evolution and mass extinctions to a... [2017-09-04]
· Prof. Jean-Bernard Caron: The Burgess Shale: updates on recent fieldwork acti... [2017-07-21]
· Prof. Paulo H. Labiak Evangelista: An overview on plant diversity in the Amazon [2017-07-07]
· Dr. Emilie Wang: Elsevier-CAS Lecture Hall – Publishing skills training series [2017-07-06]
· Prof. JIN JIsuo: Post-extinction radiation of the Silurian marine shelly faun... [2017-07-03]
· Prof. André Desrochers: Polygenetic omission surfaces in Lower Silurian Pale... [2017-06-16]
· Prof. C. Fred T. Andrus: Sclerochronology methods in paleo-environmental scie... [2017-06-15]
· Dr. Kamal Jeet Singh and Anju Saxena: Development of the Glossopteris flora a... [2017-06-06]
· Dr. Kamal Jeet Singh: Palaeozoic Flora of India: A review [2017-06-02]
· Dr. Sventlana A. Anisimova: Unique Sedimentary Archean-Proterozoic Deposits o... [2017-05-26]
· Prof. Glenn Brock: Hot Fossils in a Cold Land: Cambrian fieldwork and discove... [2017-05-26]
· Dr. Stephen Kershaw & Dr. Li Kershaw: Sendimentology (5 talks) [2017-05-23]
· Macroevolution of Early Palaeozoic Faunas and IGCP653 Workshop held in Nanjing [2017-05-17]
· Dr. Sam M. Slater: Jurassic terrestrial palynology of Yorkshire, UK [2017-05-15]
· Prof. Vivi Vajda: Biotic consequences of the end-Cretaceous asteroid impact [2017-05-15]
· Prof. Glenn Brock: Fossil Treasures from the lower Cambrian of Australia: bio... [2017-05-11]
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