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Research Progress
· Devonian-Carboniferous boundary in China [2021-07-20]
· New record of a diverse microfossil assemblage from the Mesoproterozoic Xiama... [2021-07-12]
· Wildfires during the Permian-Triassic transition and the vegetation changeove... [2021-07-02]
· Popular science book [2021-06-15]
· The SPICE event of Cambrian in the North China Platform: a global multiple co... [2021-05-28]
· Dinosaur-age Fossils Provide New Insights into Origin of Flowering Plants [2021-05-27]
· New progress on radiolarian researches from western Yarlung Tsangpo suture zo... [2021-05-24]
· Addressing a Phanerozoic carbonate facies conundrum—sponges or clotted micrite? [2021-04-25]
· Fossils from "Vegetational Pompeii" Resolve Deep Palaeontology Mystery [2021-03-09]
· Revisiting Ediacaran sulfur isotope chemostratigraphy with in situ nanoSIMS a... [2021-02-02]
· New fossils clarify the systematic position of Umenocoleidae [2021-01-29]
· Response of the lacustrine flora in East Asia to global climate changes acros... [2021-01-18]
· Mg isotope evidence for restriction events within the Paleotethys ocean aroun... [2021-01-14]
· New acanthomorphic acritarchs from the lower Doushantuo Formation in South Ch... [2021-01-11]
· Paleoceanographic research reveals the mechanism of the rhythmic reddish-brow... [2021-01-07]
· Benthic Foraminifera reveals the bottom water property off the Portuguese mar... [2021-01-07]
· Chrono- and biostratigraphical framework for the Lower Cretaceous of Jiuquan,... [2020-12-30]
· Scientists resolve the "flea mystery" [2020-12-30]
· New study of Ordovician marine red beds from the marginal Yangtze Platform, S... [2020-12-18]
· Lower Silurian bryozoans from South China show paleobiogeographic relations t... [2020-12-16]
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