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Death March of Segmented Animal Unravels Critical Evolutionary Puzzle

  Yilingia spiciformis body fossil (left), trace (right), and artist’s reconstruction (middle). (Image by NIGPAS)
  The death march of a segmented bilaterian animal unearthed from ~550-million-year-old rocks in China shows that the oldest mobile and segmented animals evolved by the Ediacara...
Coastal Organisms Trapped in 99-Million-Year-Old Amber
Chitinozoans May Be Fossils of Individual Microorganisms Rather than Metazoan Eggs: Study

  Chitinozoans are organic-walled microfossils widely recorded in Ordovician to Devonian (about 400 million years ago) marine sediments and usually shaped like "bottles". Their biological affinity remains unknown, but most commonly, they are interpreted as eggs of marine metazoans.
Palynological study reveals vegetation changes since the last glacial maximum in southern China

  The climate on the earth has gradually warmed up since the last glacial maximum some 20,000 years ago. Appropriate climate conditions have contributed to the formation and development of the Holocene farming culture. The way of production and lifestyle for the ancient people gradually change...
First record of Cretaceous wood rotting fungi in China

  Structurally preserved petrified woods contain not only information of wood anatomy, but also plenty of physiological and ecological information, including trace fossils of insect boring, fungal hyphae and other micro-organisms. Study of these permineralized plants is helpful to reveal the e...
Re-evaluation of the systematic position of the Jurassic–Early Cretaceous fern genus Coniopteris
It is generally recognized that the fossil records are incomplete in nature, yet fossils had very important impact on our development of evolutionary theory. The value of a particular fossil in contributing to our knowledge in evolutionary history for any lineage depends upon an adequate descript...
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