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New development on Mesozoic megaspores in the Tarim Basin, China

  Megaspore plays an important role in the study of paleovegetation and paleocatlimatic reconstruction and stratigraphy due to its properties of preserving in situ due and clear affinity to the mother plants. However, fossil megaspores have not been fully studied due to their low productivity,...
Felsic Volcanism in South China Drove the End-Permian Mass Extinction

  About 252 million years ago, more than 81 percent of animal life in the oceans and 89 percent of animal life on land went extinct. This event, called the "end-Permian mass extinction" (EPME), represents the greatest catastrophe in the history of life on Earth. The proximate driver of the eve...
The first study of organic-walled microfossils from Middle Ordovician nodular cherts in China

  During the Ordovician period, siliceous rocks were widely deposited in many parts of the world, including Kazakhstan and eastern Australia. Although the micropaleontology of Ordovician deep-sea cherts is relatively well documented, microfossil assemblages in Ordovician shallow-marine cherts ...
Study Reveals Effects of End-Permian Deforestation on Early Evolution of Beetles

  The end-Permian mass extinction (EPME) led to a severe terrestrial ecosystem collapse. Insects have diversified over the past approximately 400 million years and account for roughly half of the biodiversity on Earth today. However, the ecological response of insects to the EPME remains poorl...
High-resolution Ediacaran timescale revealed by high-precision geochronology

  The Ediacaran Period (635–539 million years ago, Ma) is a pivotal period in Earth history, archiving the rise of complex macroscopic life. This evolutionary milestone occurred in the aftermath of extreme climate perturbations, the Cryogenian snowball Earth events, and amid dramatic changes ...
The first cladistic analysis to the order Lituitida

  There have been several cladistic analyses of the phylogeny of different groups of 'nautiloid' cephalopods, including classification at lower taxonomic levels, generic affinities and their evolutionary path at higher taxonomic levels. However, a systematic and comprehensive analysis is still...
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