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Popular science book (Chinese version) officially published
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Recently, Associate Professor MNEG Fanwei and Senior Engineer FANG Yan, from Nanjing Institute of Geology and paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences translated the lost creations of the earth: mass extinction in the history of life by American science writer Jon Erickson into Chinese, and published it in Science Press.

The long history of geology has been marked by the appearance of many glorious creatures that have either appeared briefly in the history of life or have flourished to this day. These surviving creatures make up the natural world as we know it today. The order in which these fossilized organisms appeared can be identified by the age of the rocks deposited in the past.

The book systematically introduces the origin of life, as well as pictures of the main types of fossils that appear in each geological era, and is quite professional and detailed. The Chinese translation is accompanied by explanations of various geological terms and English cross-references, which can be used as a reference manual for undergraduate students and practitioners of stratigraphy and paleontology and other geology-related majors, or as an advanced science book for young enthusiasts.

The book is supported by the China-Israel Cooperation Program of the Natural Science Foundation of China and the Basic Frontier Science Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Book information: Jon Erickson, USA, translated by Meng Fanwei and Fang Yan, April 2021, "life lost on the earth: mass extinction in the history of life" (in Chinese), Science Press, ISBN: 978-7-03-063998-1

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