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Research Progress
· New material of Auroradiolites (Bivalvia) from Tibet and Afghanistan [2017-04-26]
· Implications of extinct plants for understanding the origin and phylogenetic ... [2017-04-26]
· Evolution of oceanic molybdenum and uranium reservoir size around the Ediacar... [2017-04-26]
· Integrated carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen isotope chemostratigraphy of the Edia... [2017-04-26]
· First record of fossil basidiomycete clamp connections in cordaitalean stems ... [2017-04-26]
· Palynomorphs from massive metamorphosed rocks in Yunnan, China [2017-04-26]
· Pollen record reveals vegetation and climate changes over the last 30 000 yea... [2017-04-25]
· Specialized termite-loving rove beetles trapped in 99-million-year-old Burmes... [2017-04-10]
· Courtship Behaviour Trapped in 100-Million-Year-Old Amber [2017-03-17]
· The palaeodiversity of Agaricales: evidence from mushrooms and mycophagous be... [2017-03-14]
· Specialized beetles shed light on predator–prey associations in the Cretaceous [2017-03-07]
· Global microbial carbonate proliferation after the end Devonian mass extinction [2017-03-03]
· Fossil wood Xenoxylon indicates a palaeoclimatic cooling event in 200 Ma [2017-03-03]
· New progress on the distribution and evolution of the Carboniferous reefs in ... [2017-03-03]
· Fossil treasure-trove reveals post-extinction world ruled by sponges [2017-02-10]
· Discovery of diverse radiodontans from the Cambrian Chengjiang Lagerstatte [2017-02-08]
· Calibrating the Guadalupian series (middle Permian) of South China [2017-02-08]
· Using the brachiopod storm shell beds to reveal the palaeo-latitude location ... [2017-02-06]
· Phytolith evidence suggests early domesticated rice since 5600 cal a BP on Ha... [2017-02-06]
· Dissecting Calathium-microbial frameworks: The significance of calathids for ... [2017-02-06]
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