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Research Progress
· A record of enhanced water cycle in the late Paleozoic icehouse [2022-10-13]
· New material from South China reveals the intraspecific variability and palae... [2022-09-20]
· New evidence proves saccorhytus is ecdysozoan [2022-08-18]
· The earliest known brood care in insects found in Daohugou biota [2022-07-29]
· Mercury evidence of Deccan volcanism driving the Latest Maastrichtian warming... [2022-07-29]
· First palynological record of Carnian Pluvial Episode from South China [2022-07-18]
· Comprehensive progress has been made on the Late Cretaceouspollen group of Tr... [2022-07-15]
· A new Early Ordovician Lagerst?tte reveals the early stage of the Great Ordo... [2022-07-14]
· Feathery Insulation Helped Dinosaurs Survive and Thrive: Study [2022-07-11]
· Study reveals yunnanozoans as the oldest known stem vertebrates. Findings ans... [2022-07-08]
· Bivalves study reveals the palaeobiogeographic affinity between the north and... [2022-06-23]
· Oldest insect resource pulses revealed by fossils from China [2022-06-02]
· Massive carbon emission caused marine anoxia and biodiversity loss 300 millio... [2022-05-05]
· Paleogeographic framework of northeastern Gondwana in the late Paleozoic [2022-04-18]
· Linyi Lagerstatte: a new window on the Cambrian evolutionary fauna [2022-04-15]
· Ecological Radiations of Insects Without Resort to "Just-So" Stories [2022-03-16]
· Mineralization of Amber Insects Provides New View of Amber Taphonomy [2022-02-28]
· Distribution of Silurian Conodont closely Relate to Sea-level Changes [2022-02-24]
· New insights into the Lower Devonian phytogeographical division in the South ... [2022-02-16]
· Angiosperms go to the New Land [2022-01-25]
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