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Research Progress
· Massive carbon emission caused marine anoxia and biodiversity loss 300 millio... [2022-05-05]
· Paleogeographic framework of northeastern Gondwana in the late Paleozoic [2022-04-18]
· Linyi Lagerstatte: a new window on the Cambrian evolutionary fauna [2022-04-15]
· Ecological Radiations of Insects Without Resort to "Just-So" Stories [2022-03-16]
· Mineralization of Amber Insects Provides New View of Amber Taphonomy [2022-02-28]
· Distribution of Silurian Conodont closely Relate to Sea-level Changes [2022-02-24]
· New insights into the Lower Devonian phytogeographical division in the South ... [2022-02-16]
· Angiosperms go to the New Land [2022-01-25]
· First record of OAE 1b event in the Jiuquan Basin section [2022-01-19]
· The first show of direct linkage between intensified volcanism and immediate ... [2022-01-18]
· The world's earliest fossil record of flower buds [2022-01-13]
· The first fossil evidence of gymnosperm pollination of Alienopteridae [2022-01-12]
· The earliest ant mimics from mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber [2022-01-12]
· Spatio-temporal multi-scale variations of benthic marine redox conditions fro... [2022-01-10]
· Revisiting the preservation of Chuaria fossils from the Lantian biota [2022-01-07]
· Determination of Age and Plant Fossils Study to the Devonian Ancient Petroleu... [2022-01-07]
· The slope facies model was proposed for the carbonate mass-tranport deposits [2021-12-09]
· New development on Mesozoic megaspores in the Tarim Basin, China [2021-11-25]
· Felsic Volcanism in South China Drove the End-Permian Mass Extinction [2021-11-18]
· The first study of organic-walled microfossils from Middle Ordovician nodular... [2021-11-12]
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