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Research Progress
· New Integrative Stratigraphy and Timescale for China Released [2019-01-16]
· Fossils reveal flowers originated 50 million years earlier than thought [2018-12-11]
· Ancient flower fossil points to Core Eudicot Boom 99 million years ago [2018-11-14]
· The first report of Silurian internal-wave sediments from South China [2018-11-01]
· A new protolepidodendrid lycopsid from the Middle Devonian of Hunan [2018-11-01]
· New observations of Zosterophyllum sinense from the Lower Devonian of Guangxi [2018-11-01]
· Graptolite biostratigraphy reveals the circumjacent distribution pattern of t... [2018-11-01]
· Hyoliths with pedicles illuminate the affinity with brachiopods [2018-11-01]
· New progress made on Cupressaceae plant fossil from the Middle Jurassic Daohu... [2018-11-01]
· Middle Triassic ammonoids from Canada, biochronological and palaeobiogeograph... [2018-11-01]
· Chinese-led Team Shows Mass Extinction Happened in Geological “Instant” [2018-09-18]
· Fossils reveal diverse Mesozoic pollinating lacewings [2018-09-13]
· Chinese Fossils Reveal Middle-Late Triassic Insect Radiation [2018-09-05]
· Equatorial cold-water tongue in the Late Ordovician [2018-09-03]
· Amber Unveils Evolution of Ancient Antlions [2018-08-23]
· Ancient pollinators for cycads trapped in 99-million-year-old amber [2018-08-13]
· A new Late Cretaceous amber biota found from central Myanmar [2018-08-09]
· Micro CT reveals early Cambrian animal diapause embryos [2018-08-01]
· Earliest starch fossils helped build an ancient world [2018-08-01]
· Sr and C isotopies reveal geologic processes of Late Palaeozoic Ice Age [2018-08-01]
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