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Research Progress
· 200-million-year-old insect color revealed by fossil scales [2018-04-03]
· Monograph Evolutionary Treasures: Fossil types Annotated has been pu... [2018-02-27]
· Monograph Phanerozoic Brachiopod Genera of China has been published [2018-02-13]
· Monograph The Late Paleozoic Spores and Pollen of China has been pub... [2018-02-13]
· Stage-progressive distribution pattern of the Lungmachi black graptolitic sha... [2018-02-13]
· When spiders had tails and started to spin? [2018-02-05]
· When did Cyanobacteria Begin to Fix Nitrogen? [2018-01-30]
· Nuclei and nucleoli can be preserved in embryo-like fossils from the Ediacara... [2017-12-28]
· Heterogenous oceanic redox conditions through the Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary... [2017-12-28]
· Foraminiferal record from the sediment of the incised Yangtze paleo-valley te... [2017-12-28]
· Rare resurgence of stromatolites in middle Ordovician:evidences from evapori... [2017-12-28]
· An update of the Tremadocian (Early Ordovician) chitinozoan biostratigraphy o... [2017-12-28]
· Graptolite diversification during the Floian and Dapingian (Early–Middle Ord... [2017-12-28]
· New Cretaceous spinicaudatans from Tunisia, North Africa [2017-12-28]
· Integrated conodont biostratigraphy and carbon isotope chemostratigraphy in t... [2017-12-28]
· Late Devonian plants from the southern Yellow Sea borehole of China [2017-12-28]
· New palynoflora records reveal the terrestrial ecosystem variations of the La... [2017-12-05]
· Sclerite-covered taxa and early trochozoan evolution [2017-12-05]
· Research Posits Fossil Tree Growth Method [2017-10-24]
· A step toward a complete Triassic time scale: the proposal from China [2017-09-05]
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