Departmental Staff List

Updatetime: 2009-09-17

Departmental Staff List   (25)  83282 to the extension number.

The following tables list all staff in the department, together with phone extension numbers and email addresses. Click on a staff member's name to go to their own home page.

If phoning from outside the Institute, add +86

Name Phone Email
 Dr. Zhang Renbing  132
 Dr. GUO Zhenyu 176
 Dr. GU Zhiwei  175
 Dr. SHA Jingeng  181
 Dr. WANG Xiangdong  185
 Dr. CHEN Xiuqin  186
 Dr. WANG Haifeng  178
 Dr. FENG Weimin  177
 Dr. YUAN Wenwei  189
 Dr. FAN Junxuan 183  
 Dr. CAI Huawei 176
 Dr. CHEN Zhe  183
 Dr. HUANG Diying 156
 Dr. LI Gang   190
 Ms. ZHU Rongjing 180
 Dr. ZHU Xuejian