The fossil repository was developed out of the repository room of the former Institute of Geology, Academia Sinica (founded 1928). The collection currently contains over 200,000 pieces of invertebrate and plant fossils. Among them, 160,000 pieces are type specimens of high scientific value that have been studied and illustrated in publications both in China and abroad.  Many specimens were collected and studied by the pioneers in this field in China, such as Li Siguang, A.W. Grabau, Huang Jiqing, Yin Zanxun, Sun Yunzhu, Si Xingjian (among others). In addition, there are specimens stored by international exchanges and cooperative studies with colleagues from the former Soviet Union, Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and others. It is one of the most important collection centres for ancient plants and invertebrate fossils in the world. The fossil repository is currently being modernized. A platform for shared resources of palaeontology, with the database of type specimens as the core, is being digitized and will be made accessible over the Internet.


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