Departmental Staff List

Updatetime: 2009-09-17

Departmental Staff List   (25)  83282 to the extension number.

The following tables list all staff in the department, together with phone extension numbers and email addresses. Click on a staff member's name to go to their own home page.

If phoning from outside the Institute, add +86

Name Phone Email
 Dr. YUAN Xunlai  214
 Dr. LUO Hui  211
 Dr. LI Jun 153
 Dr. LI Baohua  157
 Dr. ZHOU Jianping  211
 Dr. WANG Jinquan  296
 Dr. Wang Wei  267
 Dr. QI Yuping 217
 Dr. WANG Qifei  219
 Dr. LI Yue  223
 Dr. PENG Jinnan  217
 Dr. ZHU Youhua 157
 Mr. WANG Jinlong   214