Departmental Staff List

Updatetime: 2009-09-17

Departmental Staff List

The following tables list all staff in the department, together with phone extension numbers and email addresses. Click on a staff member's name to go to their own home page.

If phoning from outside the Institute, add +86  (25)  83282 to the extension number.

Name Phone Email
 Dr. WANG Jun 227
 Dr. LI Jianguo 228
 Dr. ZHOU Zhiyan, Academician 229
 Dr. LIU Lujun 226
 Dr. WANG Weiming 222
 Dr. WANG Yongdong  221
 Dr. HUANG Fei 228
 Dr. YANG Xiaoju 225
 Dr. WANG Xin 266
 Dr. MAO Limi 245
 Dr. XU Honghe 230 
 Dr. SHU Junwu 246
 Mr. MEI Shengwu 225