The new version of the geological paleontological diversity database website finally released

Updatetime: 2020-05-27 Editor : trace fossils;the end-Permian mass extinction

  Recently, researcher XU Honghe and Assistant Engineer CHEN Yansen from the Big Data Center of NIGPAS, after fully investigating the use of the GBDB database, systematically combed the website and back-end data, then started the construction of the new version of GBDB since 2019. The internal testing of the website started in early 2020. Recently, the new website has finally been launched (URL:, and the public beta has begun.

  The construction of the new version of the GBDB website has obtained a software copyright item, the software name: Geobiodiversity Database software [GBDB] V2.0 (Ranzhudengzi No. 5337494).