How to get the Residence Permit (after coming to China)

Updatetime: 2014-03-26

Step 1: Immediate Registration in nearby police station within 24 hours (if not stay in Hotel) -> Step 2: Physical Examination in authorized medical facilities -> Step 3: Application for Foreign Expert Certificate -> Step 4: Application for Residence Permit

 1.       Report to a local police station (within 24 hours of arrival)

Place: Xuanwu Branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, No.196 Hongshan Road, Nanjing.

Documents needed: copy of passport, visa, the date of last entry and the certificate of real estate or the leasing contract at the same time along with original documents.

 2.       Physical examination (call for reservation, 4 working days for results)

Visit Jiangsu Entry - Exit Inspection and Quarantine Administration’s medical center at No.1, Baixia Road, Nanjing

Appointment Telephone: (025) 52345700 (via institute international office)

              Documents needed: 1. original and the copy of the valid entry document; 2. three recent 2-inch half-length, bareheaded and full-faced photographs; 3. recent physical examination record for foreigners (if you have brought this before you came to China); 4. a fee of about over 200 RMB to over 400 RMB, depending on whether you have Item 3

Attentions: Health assessment needs to be made with an empty stomach to ensure the accuracy of the findings. Please go through the formalities of health administration at the appointed date and hour.  

3.       Apply for the Foreign Expert Certificate (7 working days needed)

Business Place: the Jiangsu Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, No.49, North Zhongshan Road, Nanjing

Appointment Telephone: (025)-83236024 (via institute international office)

Documents needed: 1. the application form; 2. official letter from NIGPAS; 3. the Foreign Experts’ Working Permit in China; 4. employment agreement or contract; 5. copies of the valid passport and the visa; 6. two recent 2-inch half-length, bareheaded and full-faced photographs; 7. copy of Institutional corporate certificate of NIGPAS. 

4.       Apply for the Residence Permit (normally 5 working days needed)

Visit Nanjing Entry-and-Exit Administration Division of Public Security Bureau at  No.1, Honggongci, Sanyuanxiang, Xinjiekou, Nanjing

Information Telephone: (025) 84420018

You will probably need to answer related questions if asked, and present the following documents:

 1. Original and valid regular passport and visa;

 2. Temporary Residence Registration Certificate;

 3. Residence Permit Application Form with a 2-inch photograph affixed to the form;

 4. Official documents issued by the institute;

 5. The Foreign Expert Certificate;

 6. Spouses of foreign nationalities should provide marriage certificates. Children of foreign nationalities should provide kinship certificates (e.g., birth certificate);

 7. Official physical examination certificate;

 8. Copy of Institutional corporate certificate of the institute;

 9. Resume (including record of schooling and working experience);

 10. Apply in person;

 11. Other material may be needed in special cases;

 12. Fee: about 400 RMB.

Foreigners holding Residence Permits can reside in China within the valid staying period. They can also enter and exit China as many times as they prefer.