How to apply for a working permit and Visa (before coming to China)

Updatetime: 2014-03-26

1.  Complete Forms of “Application of the Foreign Experts’ Working Permit in China” (ask the International Office);

2. Provide the following material:

- Copy of passport

- Personal resumes (including the educational background and working experience); -Copy of official documents for the latest educational level (e.g., degree certificate) or the professional qualification.

- Copy of the health certificate dated within one year by a foreign medical organization authorized by a Chinese embassy or Consulate or by quarantine office authorized by Chinese government (contact a Chinese embassy or consulate for details).

- Copy of the insurance documents (including international medical insurance and accident insurance).

- The employment contract or agreement.

- If accompanied by spouse and/or offspring (s), the copy of official documents of the relationship, their passports, health and insurance documents are also needed.

3. When foreign expert get the working permit and the “Invitation Letter” from International office of NIGPAS, please take them and your passport to the Chinese embassy or consulate to get the Employment Visa.

For more information, contact the International office of NIGPAS.