The 8th European Palaeobotany‐Palynology Conference held in Budapest

Updatetime: 2010-07-21

More than 200 scientists from all over the world attended the 8th European Palaeobotany‐Palynology Conference in Budapest, Hungary, July 6-10, 2010. Prof. Wang Jun, Prof. Wang Weiming, associate professor Li Jianguo, associate professor Wang Xin, associate professor Yang Xiaoju, Young International Scientist Frederic Jacques and Mr. Shi Gongle from Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NIGPAS) attended the conference.

Prof. Wang Jun and other researchers from NIGPAS presented their recent achievements and research results to the conference, which focused on ”Confirmation of the invasion of Euramerican and Angaran floras to Cathaysia in Latest Permian: a peltasperm-dominated flora with cuticular preservation from the Nanshan Region, western China”, “Early rice farming in China with special regard to Holocene human-environment interaction in the Yangtze delta area”, “Palynostratigraphical research on a continuous core through Late Cretaceous–early Paleocene deposits in the Songliao Basin, north-east China”, “Enigmatic Jurassic plants and their implications for the origin of angiospermy”, “A polyxylic cycad trunk from the Middle Jurassic in western Liaoning, China and its evolutionary implications”, “CLAMP climatic reconstruction: are monsoon climates different?” and "Two new species of Cupressaceae from the Oligocene of Ningming, South China”.

A special symposium on “09‐Tracing the early angiosperms” also was organized by associate professor Wang Xin.