Norman MacLeod, Keeper of Palaeontology, NHM, visit the institute

Updatetime: 2011-03-31

Professor Norman MacLeod, Keeper of Palaeontology, The Natural History Museum (NHM), London, UK, paid a special visit to Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology Chinese Academy of Sciences (NIGPAS) from March 19 to 27, 2011.

During the visit, a special discussion was made to talk about the issues of academic exchanges between NIGPAS and NHM, and Prof. MacLeod gave three seminars on “Morphometrics: principles and applications”, “Quantitative analyses in biostratigraphy” and “Mass extinctions in geological record”.  The seminars served as an eye-opener for the researchers and graduated students and enabled them to keep up with the latest development in the international palaeontology research field. Meanwhile, our researchers also took the opportunity to have a discussion on the next-step cooperation between NIGPAS and NHM.