Frances Adamson, the Australia Ambassador to China visited Nanjing Paleontology Museum

Updatetime: 2012-12-26

On Dec 5, Frances Adamson, the Australia Ambassador to China paid a visit to Nanjing Paleontology Museumy, accompanied by GU Xiaohong, the vice president of Nanjing branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and got a warm welcome by Director YANG Qun and Professor SUN Weiguo of Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academ of Sciences (NIGPAS).

During the visit, Director YANG Qun made a brief Introduction of NIGPAS and it’s long history of scientific cooperation with Australia since 1970’s. In recent years, NIGPAS has established a good cooperation with more than ten scientific institutions of Australia.

Frances Adamson meant that she leaved a deep impression on the cooperation by NIGPAS and institutions of Australia, and wish the bilateral scientific cooperation between china and Australia will be further enhanced on the base of understanding.