The 10th China (Hunan) International Mining Expo was successfully held in Chenzhou

Updatetime: 2022-07-19

The 10th China (Hunan) International Mineral and Gem Fair was successfully held in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province from July 8-12, 2022. This exhibition gives full play to the characteristic advantages of the Palaeontological Society of China in the field of geological palaeontology and science popularization activities at home and abroad, focuses on the scientific connotation behind mineral crystal gems and unveils the mystery of mineral crystal formation as the characteristic theme, and helps to add color in specialization, internationalization and science communication. 

During the exhibition, a summit forum and dialogue session of museum curators which from domestic and foreign countries were held. Nearly thirty curators participated in this summit, and the director of the Museum of Nature in Nantes, France, delivered a video report. The forum organized nearly ten important presentations on the theme of "Museum Collections and Innovative Development in the New Era".