The 13th General Meeting and 31st Annual Conference of the PSC

Updatetime: 2023-12-01

On November 25-27, the 13th General Meeting of the Palaeontological Society of China (PSC) and the 31st Annual Academic Conference was held in Lishui, Nanjing. Nanjing is the place of origin for the PSC. It has been 75 years since the first annual academic conference of the PSC was held in Nanjing in 1948. During the conference, palaeontologists gathered here once again to exchange ideas and advance palaeontological studies in China.

The conference received a total of 558 abstracts, among which 8 were invited academic reports. 30 thematic forums were set up with more than 40 sessions and 417 oral presentations. The conference also generated 76 thematic reports and 79 panel reports.

The forums covered traditional palaeontology subjects, such as invertebrate palaeontology, micropalaeontology, palaeobotany and sporology, vertebrate paleontology, and paleoanthropology. The symposium also covered topics including the synergistic evolution of organisms and environment, stratigraphic paleontology and oil and gas resources exploration, deep-time big data and molecular biology, and other multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary contents. The progress of fossil conservation and the popularization of science were also among the themes of the conference.

The goal of the conference is to further advance China's geological palaeontology research and to promote academic exchanges, popularization of science education, personnel training, and palaeontological fossil protection. The conference will help to ensure the healthy development of China's palaeontology, better serve the country's resources, and provide strong support for the development of the national economy.