NIGPAS Equipments

Updatetime: 2021-02-09 Editor : trace fossils;the end-Permian mass extinction

  NIGPAS has established an internationally advanced Experiment and Technology Center, to meet the research needs of palaeontology, stratigraphy and geological environment, which now has 39 sets of large-scale facilities and equipment, with a total asset value of up to 73.65 million Yuan (about 11.6 million USD).



  Since the establishment of the Experiment and Technology Center, in addition to providing high-quality services to all the institutes, it also has strongly supported for the large number of scientific research and innovation achievements over the years. Meanwhile, the Experiment and Technology Center has established the joint laboratory with other industrial companies, which has become an important technical support platform in the field of geology and palaeontology at home and abroad.

  The institute is well-equipped with modern observational and analytical equipment and facilities such as Micro-CT, field emission scanning electron microscope (Tescan MAIA3), confocal laser scanning microscope (LSM710), Horiba HR Evolution, Horiba XRF XGT-7200, Itrax Core Scanner XRF, isotope ratio mass spectrometers (MAT 253, DELTA V), ICP-OES, ICP-MS, MC-ICP-MS, TSQ Quantum GC, TIMS and peripherals in addition to fossil pretreatment laboratories.