New Books (more than 20 in 2021)

Updatetime: 2022-01-30


The Mesozoic Megaspores and Palynomorphs from Tarim Basin, Northwest China (Palaeontologia Sinica, vol. 202) by Prof. LI Wenben Prof. LI Jianguo and Dr. PENG Jungang from NIGPAS in collaboration with Prof. David J. Batten from UK, was published by Science Press in 2021.

ISBN: 9787030696526


The Stratigraphical “Golden Spikes”Critical points in the Evolution of the Earth edited by Profs. ZHAN Renbin and ZHANG Yuandong from NIGPAS was published in 2021. It systematically introduces all the established GSSP (“golden spikes") in the world.

ISBN: 9787571324315


The Late Ordovician to Early Silurian Gas Bearing Strata from the Yangtze Region, China by Prof. CHEN Xu from NIGPAS and Prof. WANG Hongyan from RlPED, China National Petroleum Corporation et al., was published in 2021. This book is regarded as an important reference book to guide the exploration and development of shale gas in the Yangtze region.

ISBN: 9787308215749


The Climbing - Contribute Whole Life to Geological Work edited by Director ZHAN Renbin and Vice Director YANG Tao from NIGPAS was published in 2021. It shows the excellent stories behind the NIGPAS scientists' achievements.

ISBN: 9787571324575


The Passphrase of Fossils by Prof. RONG Jiayu and his colleagues from NIGPAS, was published in 2021. Through a large number of delicate pictures and nearly 100 well edited videos, vividly express the 3.8-billion-year saga of the life evolution.

ISBN: 9787571324551


The Power of Evolution edited by Prof. RONG Jiayu from NIGPAS and Prof. ZHOU Zhonghe from IVPP, CAS

ISBN: 9787110101513


The Precious Legacy of Prehistoric Life - Chinese Dinosaur Eggs by Prof. XU Hankui and Prof. FU Qiang from NIGPAS



The Commandment to Cross the Line - A Warning to Biosecurity by Prof. FENG Weimin from NIGPAS



Evolution of life on Earth by Prof. RONG Jiayu from NIGPAS



Origin of Life by Prof. YUAN Xunlai from NIGPAS



Ordovician Biotic Radiation by Prof. ZHAN Renbin from NIGPAS



Giant Monsters in the Jurassic Sea by Prof. FU Qiang & FENG Weimin from NIGPAS



Cretaceous Ocean Giants by Prof. FU Qiang & FENG Weimin from NIGPAS



Animals Walking With Humans by Prof. FENG Weimin from NIGPAS




The Wonderful Earth by Prof. XU Hankui from NIGPAS

ISBN: 9787571317263 



The Science of Comics by Prof. FENG Weimin from NIGPAS et al.



Junior Science Series by Dr. JIANG Qing from NIGPAS et al.



Life: The first four billion years (Chinese Version) translated by Dr. LIANG Yan & Mr. TAN Chao from NIGPAS



Dinosaurs: the Complete Guide to Dinosaurs (Chinese Version) translated by Dr. LIN Wei from NIGPAS



Our Planet (Chinese Version) translated by Dr. LIN Wei from NIGPAS and Dr. WU Hao from Zhejiang Museum of Natural History



Lost Creatures of the Earth: Mass Extinction in the history of life (Chinese Version) translated by Dr. MENG Fanwei and Mr. FANG Yan from NIGPAS

ISBN: 9787030639981.