Science Communication

Updatetime: 2022-01-30

The Nanjing Museum of Palaeontology was widely acclaimed 

With the support of special funding from CAS, the Nanjing Museum of Palaeontology was open to the public without entrance fee for 210 days throughout the year, organized 301 team activities and received more than 193,000 visitors, overcoming the impact of the pandemic. 

During 2021, NIGPAS was widely reported by the media and has received more than ten awards for its science communication work from CAS, China Association for Science and Technology as well as the local government.


The Ninth National Conference of Fossil Enthusiasts was held 

The Ninth National Conference of Fossil Enthusiasts, hosted by NIGPAS, was successfully held on July 16-17, 2021 in Guilin, China. The theme of the conference was "Fossils - A Different Perspective on Landscape", aiming to combine landscape and fossils. More than 200 participates from nearly 80 units attend the conference. At the same time, the award ceremony of the second "Fossil around Me" popular science creation contest was held. 


The 70th Anniversary Exhibition of NIGPAS and Office Site of Prof. LI Siguang were renovated and opened to public

On November 18, 2021, the opening ceremony of the 70th Anniversary Exhibition of NIGPAS and Office Site of Prof. LI Siguang was held. This is part of the celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of NIGPAS.

In 1951, NIGPAS was established in response to national needs. Over the past 70 years, NIGPAS devoted itself to the exploration and development of geological and mineral resources, promotes the vigorous development of stratigraphy and palaeontology in China, and has become an international leader in stratigraphic and palaeontological research. The exhibition was constructed in order to summarize the experience and development course in the past 70 years, carry on the NIGPAS spirit ‘Patriotism and Dedication, Excellence in Erudition and Application, Rigorosity and Innovation, and Bold in Scaling the Heights’ of several generations represented by Mr. LI Siguang, and thank all strong support for the construction and development of NIGPAS.

Prof. LI Siguang (J. S. Lee) (1889-1971) is regarded as one of the founders and leaders of the geology in China. He was the founding director of the National Research Institute of Geology (Academic Sinica) and CAS Institute of Palaeontology.