Science Communication

Updatetime: 2023-01-18

l  During 2022, the Nanjing Museum of Palaeontology (NMP) was selected into the first list of National Popular Science Education Bases from 2021 to 2025. Throughout the year, about 200,000 visitors came to visit the NMP for free. 


l  During this year, the Office Site of Prof. Li Siguang and the 70th Anniversary Exhibition of NIGPAS was selected into the first list of Scientist Spirit Education Bases by China Association for Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Jiangsu Province.


l  On April 22, the Phoenix-NIGPAS Joint Science Communication Center held its first board meeting, and the first co-publishing popular science video project Discover China - Paleontology Lectures was released at the launch ceremony.



l  On September 7, the NIGPAS delegation visited Beijing Museum of Nature History and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to inject new vitality into bilateral scientific research, exhibition exchange, science popularization, personnel training and soon on.


l  On September 26, the representatives of the People's Government of Wuhai City and Wuhai Energy Company of National Energy Group visited the NIGPAS and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, laying a foundation for further promoting cooperation in the protection of the site of "vegetational Pompeii" and the construction of Wuhai Geological Museum and Geological Park.


l  From July 8 to 12, the 10th China (Hunan) International Mineral & Gem Expo  co-hosted by Palaeontological Society of China and NIGPAS was held in Chenzhou, Hunan Province. NIGPAS arranged a series of academic seminars and popular science activities with the theme of "Light up the scientific dream", including 27 popular science lectures.


l  From July 11 to 15, the 2022 Cross-Strait Exchange Programme of Peace Angels and the 30th Anniversary of this activity were held in Nanjing Museum of Palaeontology. A total of 15 pairs of Children from Mainland and Taiwan participated in this well-prepared popular science exchange activity. 


l  On September 25, the Museum Forum of Science and Art Integration was held in Nanjing. Some experts and scholars from the scientific, literary, film and publishing communities were invited to conduct lecture presentations. There are 18 restoration paintings from dinosaurs to birds with Chinese style as well as a fiction films The Great Adventure of Life on Earth were launched for the first time.


l  On November 5, the 2022 Science Festival of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Nanjing Branch was held in Nanjing and was hosted by Nanjing Palaeontology Museum. Four scientists from CAS Nanjing Branch gave wonderful popular science lectures in the fields of astronomy, geology, lakes and soil. Thousands of people participated in the activity and experienced scientific trips in the Institutes.