Updatetime: 2023-01-18

l  In June, 2022, the ceremony for the newly graduated MSc and PhD candidates from NIGPAS was held. This year, total of 29 graduate students including 12 PhDs and 17 MScs graduated and got their degrees.


l  During July 3-8, 2022, the 7th Palaeontological Summer Camp for College Students was organized by NIGPAS. There were 21 undergraduates from six universities joined the camp.


l  From July 19 to 26, the two-yearly field practice teaching hosted by NIGPAS was conducted in Yichang, Hubei Province. There were 16 teachers, including Prof. YUAN Xunlai, and 50 master's and doctoral students, as well as 21 senior undergraduates from Nanjing University, Peking University, Northwest University, Lanzhou University and some other universities participated in this activity.


l  In September 2022 a welcome meeting was held for the NIGPAS new graduate students, 12 PhD and 19 MSc candidates. As of December 2022, the institute has 99 graduate students in total.