The Precambrian Paleobiology Research Group

Updatetime: 2016-02-05


The Precambrian Paleobiology Research Group at NIGPAS is an international collaborative consortium that integrates multidisciplinary data to investigate critical evolutionary and environmental events in the first three billion years of the Earth’s history. The group consists of 8 research professors, 4 associate research professors, 3 assistant research professors, and several graduate students. This group covers a wide range of research fields, including systematic palaeontology, evolutionary palaeobiology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, geochemistry, and geobiology. Current research projects are focusing on the origin of eukaryotes, multicellularity, and animals, as well as the geobiological impact of global glaciation and global oxygenation events. Team members have traveled to several major continents to examine the Precambrian geological and paleontological records, and to make their own collections. The team has got continuous support from major research funding agencies in China and is consistently publishing their academic research results in various journals with high-impact.