Prof. SHEN Shuzhong from NIGPAS Was Elected a Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Updatetime: 2016-02-05

Professor SHEN Shuzhong from NIGPAS

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) released the list of 2015 newly elected academicians of CAS on Dec. 7. Prof. SHEN Shuzhong from NIGPAS was elected as an academician of the division of Earth Sciences, CAS. Until now, there are 14 scientists from NIGPAS who have got this title, and four of them are still academically active, such as Academician ZHOU Zhiyan, Academician RONG Jiayu, Academician CHEN Xu and Academician SHEN Shuzhong.

Over the past decade, Prof. SHEN’s major research interests include the Permian and Carboniferous brachiopods and the Permian conodonts, both of which are marine invertebrates flourished in the Late Paleozoic sea. His research area is mainly in China, and also extends to Russia, Japan and Australia, etc., collaborating with his international colleagues.

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