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Volume 25, Issue 2, Pages 135-332 (June 2016)

Special issue: Systematics and biodiversity of fossil Lagerst?tten

Edited by Qun Yang, Yong-Dong Wang, Mike Reich and Joachim Reitner

o    Editorial Board  

o    Systematics and biodiversity of fossil Lagerst?tten: Proceedings for joint conference of the Pal?ontologische Gesellschaft and the Palaeontological Society of China  

o    Molecular paleobiology Progress and perspectives  

o    A systematic overview of fossil osmundalean ferns in China: Diversity variation, distribution pattern, and evolutionary implications  

o    Late Bashkirian and early Moscovian conodonts from the Naqing section, Luodian, Guizhou, South China  

o    Microbialite concretions in a dolostone crust at the PermianTriassic boundary of the Xishan section in Jiangsu Province, South China  

o    Chansitheca wudaensis (Gleicheniaceae, fern) from the early Permian Wuda Tuff Flora, Inner Mongolia  

o    Late Triassic palynofloras in the Sichuan Basin, South China: Synthesis and perspective  

o    Elatides sandaolingensis n. sp. (Cupressaceae sensu lato) A new fossil conifer with cones from the Middle Jurassic of Xinjiang, northwestern China  

o    A new species of Baiera from the Early Cretaceous Jehol Biota of southeastern Jilin, China  

o    Diversity variation and tempo-spatial distributions of the Dipteridaceae ferns in the Mesozoic of China  

o    Plant cytoplasm preservation in a baked root of Abies  

o    Early divergence dates of demosponges based on mitogenomics and evaluated fossil calibrations  

o    Dating the origin of the major lineages of Branchiopoda  

o    Phylogeographic history of the woodwardioid ferns, including species from the Himalayas  

o    Application of white cellulose acetate sheets on fossil wood investigation  



Pal?ontologische Zeitschrift

Volume 90, Issue 2, June 2016

Special issue: Palaeobiology and Fossil Lagerst?tten: a tribute and memorial to Adolf Seilacher

Issue Editors: Joachim ReitnerQun YangYong-dong Wang, Mike Reich   

o    Editorial: special issue “Palaeobiology and Fossil Lagerst?tten: a tribute and memorial to Adolf Seilacher”

o    Preface: special issue “Palaeobiology and Fossil Lagerst?tten: a tribute and memorial to Adolf Seilacher”

o    An obituary for Professor Dr. Adolf Seilacher

o    The Jinxian Biota revisited: taphonomy and body plan of the Neoproterozoic discoid fossils from the southern Liaodong Peninsula, North China

o    From benthic to pseudoplanktonic life: morphological remodeling of the Triassic crinoid Traumatocrinus and the Jurassic Seirocrinus during habitat change

o    Palaeoecology of new fossil associations from the Cipit boulders, St. Cassian Formation (Ladinian–Carnian, Middle–Upper Triassic; Dolomites, NE Italy)

o    The Monotis–Dactylioceras Bed in the Posidonienschiefer Formation (Toarcian, southern Germany): condensed section, tempestite, or tsunami-generated deposit?

o    First Middle Jurassic record of Saurichthyidae (Actinopterygii)

o    A new morphotype of lower jaw associated with Calliphylloceras(Cephalopoda: Ammonoidea) from the Middle Jurassic of the Northern Caucasus

o    A nearly complete respiratory, circulatory, and excretory system preserved in small Late Cretaceous octopods (Cephalopoda) from Lebanon

o    Aktuo-pal?ontologie of the common cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis, an endocochleate cephalopod (mollusca) in the North Sea

o    Depth distribution and convergent evolution of microboring organisms

o    Late Triassic palaeoclimate and palaeoecosystem variations inferred by palynological record in the northeastern Sichuan Basin, China

o    A new plant assemblage from the Middle Triassic volcanic tuffs of Pingchuan, Gansu, northwestern China and its paleoenvironmental significance

o    Reconstructing paleoatmospheric CO2 levels based on fossil Ginkgoites from the Upper Triassic and Middle Jurassic in Northwest China

o    A new thalloid liverwort: Pallaviciniites sandaolingensis sp. nov. from the Middle Jurassic of Turpan–Hami Basin, NW China

o    New material of Palaeocarya from the Oligocene of Ningming, Guangxi, South China

o    First megafossil record of Neolepisorus (Polypodiaceae) from the late Miocene of Yunnan, Southwest China

o    Sub/fossil resin research in the 21st Century: trends and perspectives



The Global Stratotypes in China 

The Global Standard Stratotype-section and Point (GSSP) is the standard for chronostratigraphical subdivision and correlation of strata around the world. This book reviewed the 10 Chinese GSSPs ratified by the International Union of Geological Sciences in order to demonstrate the great successes achieved primarily by the Chinese geological scientists in last two decades in the regard. 

Book information: Peng et al., 2016, The Global Stratotypes in China. Shanghai, Shanghai Science and Technology Publishing House. 1-359. ISBN 978-7-5478-2874-8/Q.36 



The Lantian Biota  

The ~600-million-year-old Lantian biota (Xiuning, China) hosts some of the earliest known forms of macroscopic eukaryotes characterized by multicellularity and complex morphologies. A newly published book The Lantian Biota, illustrating with many fossil pictures and reconstructions, mainly display the marine ecosystem some 600 million years ago and its environmental background.  

Book information: Yuan et al., 2016, The Lantian Biota. Shanghai, Shanghai Science and Technology Publishing House. 1-138. ISBN 978-7-5478-2854-0  



Mesozoic and Cenozoic Insects from Northern China 

This book is composed of 8 parts, the preface, chapters one to six, and the epilogue. In order for most readers to easily understand this book, the classification, geological history and types of fossil preservation of insects are introduced in the preface. The important Mesozoic and Cenozoic insect faunas and assemblages in northern China are shown in chapter one. Many new taxa and some new combinations are compiled and listed in chapter two. For interpretation of the geological applications of fossil insects, some research examples concerning the insect biostratigraphy, palaeoecology and biopalaeogeography, and the palaeo-atmospheric oxygen level are given in chapter three. The evolution of many insect groups are discussed in chapter four. Additionally, the evolution of insect diversity in the Jehol Biota is also given in this chapter. Recently some important progress has been made in insect taphonomy in China and is introduced in chapter six. At the end of the book, the considerable progress in palaeoentomology in China has been summarized, and the further research and development trends of this area are outlined in the epilogue.

Book information: Zhang et al., 2015, Mesozoic and Cenozoic Insects from Northern China. Shanghai, Shanghai Science and Technology Publishing House. 1-229. ISBN 978-7-5478-2879-3