International academic seminars held at NIGPAS

Updatetime: 2016-08-10

International Seminars


Dr. Sun Xiaowen: A case study of carbonate sequence stratigraphy


Prof. Isabel Montanez: Deep-time Paleoclimatology and Late Paleozoic Icehouse


Dr. Zhang Libing: Species diversity and evolution of ferns in Karst


Dr. Jacek Szwedo: Zoological Nomenclature


Prof. Jisuo Jin: Island faunas and mass extinctions during the Late Ordovician


Prof. Harald Schneider: Macroevolution of land plants: identifying genomic...


Prof. Mihai Popa: Geological brief and vegetation evolution history (Late Pal...


Dr. Petr Storch: Silurian stages and series boundary intervals revisited - ne...


Prof. Michael Melchin: Quantifying resolution in the stratigraphic record and...


Dr. Mike Pole: Fires and storms across the Triassic and Jurassic transition...


Prof. Russell Vreeland: Life from no life(5 talks)


Prof. Peter Crane: Paleobotanical Evidence on the Early Diversification of...


Prof. Carole Gee: Conifer forests and finally enough food for the dinosaurs...


Prof. Hugo Bucher: Accurate extraction of the time component embedded in...