Public outreach activities

Updatetime: 2017-08-25

  ? On March 6th, RONG Jiayu, professor of NIGPAS, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to give a public lecture on the topic “Evolution and Humans” at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou. 

  ? On April 18th, SHEN Shuzhong of NIGPAS, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to be a guest lecturer on “YANG Zhongjina Forum” in Northwest University, giving a talk on “End-Permian Extinction”. 

  ? On June 22nd, CHEN Xu of NIGPAS, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to attend the Master’s Academic Forum in Central South University, giving a talk on “The Black Shale across the Ordovician-Silurian transition in South China”. 

  ? “Darwin Forum”, the public outreach activity organised by Nanjing Museum of Palaeontology and supported by the Department of Popular Science and SKLPS, NIGPAS, was praised as Top Ten Brand Activities on Popular Science by Jiangsu Association of Science & Technology Museums in late March. 

  ? On May 16th, Nanjing Museum of Palaeontology signed a cooperative agreement on the Programme of “Museum Biological Evolution Curricula for Primary School Students” with Daishan Experimental Primary School. 

  ? On May 21st, about 50 Nanjing citizens participated in the Popular Science Tour and paid visits to the Nanjing Museum of Palaeontology, NIGPAS. The Popular Science Tour is among the booming activities for science education in recent years. 

  ? From May 18th to 22nd, the Fossil Web of NIGPAS was invited to attend the 5th International Expo of Minerals and Gems in Binzhou, Hunan Province, China. The Exhibition Area for Interactive Experience by the Fossil Web was a success, diffusing the palaeontological knowledge to the public in a vivid way.  

  ? On May 20th, the 11th Annual Meeting for Fossil Connoisseurs was held in Nanjing Museum of Palaeontology. More than 20 fossil connoisseurs gathered in NIGPAS and discussed their fossil collections with the experts of NIGPAS.  

  ? From May 23rd to 26th, the series of activities of 2017 Popular Science Week in Jiangsu started in Nanjing International Exhibition Centre. Nanjing Museum of Palaeontology was invited to exhibit the new science discoveries by NIGPAS. 

  ? On May 27th, the 6th Council Meeting of the Working Committee for Popular Science was held in NIGPAS. 2016 Top Ten Popular Science News of Palaeontology was announced by the Working Committee. 

  ? On May 25th, Dr. FENG Weiming of NIGPAS was awarded the Medal of Innovation and striving by the Jiangsu Association of Science and Technology.