New Books

Updatetime: 2018-02-13


  • The Late Paleozoic Spores and Pollen of China
    Two volumes of handbook summerise the 50-year research on the Late Palaeozoic (and some late Silurian) pollen and spores, including all the published genera in 1960 – 2008, illustrating 2288 species of pollen and spores of 295 genera in 168 plates.
    Book information: OUYANG Shu, LU Lichang, ZHU Huaicheng, LIU Feng. 2017. The Late Paleozoic Spores and Pollen of China. Hefei: Press of USTC. 1-1092. ISBN: 978-7-312-04080-1. (in Chinese)



  • Evolutionary Treasures: Fossil types Annotated
    This Book displays a good sample of beautiful fossil collections in NIGPAS, including most precious specimens collected by pioneering palaeontologists in early 1900s and exquisitely preserved fossil specimens from the famous “Chengjiang Biota” and “Jehol Biota”, as well as other important fossil sites of various geological ages and geographic regions. The compiling of such monograph is intended not only to show snap shots of the evolving biosphere on the Earth through millions and billions of years’ natural history, but also to show some footprints of NIGPAS scientists in their scientific endeavors over the past century (including pre-NIGPAS pioneers’ efforts).
    Book information: YANG Qun (editor-in-chief), Evolutionary Treasures: Fossil types Annotated, Zhejiang University Press. 1-227. ISBN: 978-7-308-17629-3. (in Chinese and English)