Monograph Phanerozoic Brachiopod Genera of China has been published

Updatetime: 2018-02-13


  As a systematic summary of the Phanerozoic brachiopods of China, the monograph Phanerozoic Brachiopod Genera of China has been published by Science Press in Beijing in Dec. 2017, with CAS Academician RONG Jiayu from NIGPAS as its Editor-in-Chief. 

  It has been one hundred and thirty-three years since the first fossil brachiopod genus Leptodus was erected based on a Chinese species L. richthofeni Kayser in 1883. Since then, there have been 757 brachiopod genera named with their type species from China. During the same period, stratigraphical correlation and brachiopod classification have also undergone great changes, all of which have prompted the radical revision of all the brachiopod genera of China (published from 1883 – 2015) presented in this book.  

  Besides a complete but concise introduction, there are separate sections for each geological period, i.e. Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous, Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. Each period includes a review of geographical distribution, stratigraphical correlation, faunal succession, palaeobiogeography, and systematic palaeontology of brachiopods. The systematic part of this book includes the type species, etymology, diagnosis, comparison (or discussion), species assigned and rejected, and the stratigraphical range and geographical distribution.  

  Reference: RONG Jiayu (editor-in-chief), JIN Yugan, SHEN Shuzhong and ZHAN Renbin (eds.). 2017, Phanerozoic Brachiopod Genera of China. Beijing: Science Press. 1-1096, i-xviii, i-ii. ISBN: 978-7-030-54812-2