Academic Activities with NIGPAS People

Updatetime: 2019-02-04

During July 20-26, the 17th Academic Annual meeting of the Micropalaeontological Branch of thePalaeontological Society of China (PSC) and the 18th Academic Annual meeting of the Fossil Algae Branch of PSC were held in Chifeng, Inner Mogolia. Thirteen experts were elected as the 9th Council of the Fossil Alage Branch. Prof. ZHOU Chuanming and Associate Prof. PANG Ke from NIGPAS were elected as the Chair and the Secretary-General of the Council respectively.


Durig September 17-19, the 12th National Congress and the 29th Academic Conference of the Palaeontological Society of China (PSC) were held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. About 750 people from 190 organizations (including those in Taiwan) of national research institutes, universities, museums, fossil protection organizations, popular science bases, publishers of cultural and creative industries, geological parks, and geological, petroleum, coal and other systems, as well as some foreign experts from Japan, Britain, Poland, Russia, Austria, etc., attended the conference.


During November 16-21, the 9th Assembly and the 2018 Academic Annual Conference of the Palaeobotanical Branch of PSC were held in Zigui, Hubei Province. All palaeobotanical researchers of NIGPAS attended the meeting.