Prof. Isabel Montanez: Deep-time Paleoclimatology and Late Paleozoic Icehouse(4 talks)

Updatetime: 2016-06-22

Series: Deep-time Paleoclimatology and Late Paleozoic Icehouse

            22nd June 10:00: Dynamic shifts in glacial-interglacial atmospheric CO2 and tropical vegetation during earth's last icehouse

            22nd June 14:00: The relevance of deep-time studies for insight into our climate future

            23rd June 10:00: Sr isotope applications to late Paleozoic paleoclimatology and paleoceanography studies

            20th July 10:00: Ecosystem-scale and earth system-modeling into late Paleozoic plant physiology and vegetation-climate feedbacks during the penultimate icehouse

Speaker: Professor Isabel P. Montanez, University of California-Davis

            Visiting Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Place: Lecture room of Library, NIGPAS