Prof. Carl Brett: Taphonomy and Sequence Stratigraphy

Updatetime: 2016-11-25

Seminar: Taphonomy and Sequence Stratigraphy

  1) Taphonomy: Introduction

  2) Biostratinomy: processes between death and burial of organic remains

  Case Study: Modern experimental taphonomy study

  3) Fossil Diagenesis

  Case Study: Trilobite Taphonomy Model

  4) Taphofacies

  Lagerstatten: taphonomic processes of exceptional preservation

  5) Sequence Stratigraphy: Basic principles

  6) Linking Sequence Stratigraphy with Taphofacies and Paleoecology

  Case Study: Ordovician Shell Beds-Shale Cycles

Speaker: Prof. Carl BRETT, University of Cincinnati

Time: Nov. 25-28, 2016

Place: Lecture room of Library, NIGPAS