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Fossil study identifies 200-mln-yr-old insect color

  WASHINGTON, April 11 (Xinhua) -- An international team led by Chinese scientists has revealed the wing color of a 200-million-year-old insect via fossil scales.
  The study, published on Wednesday in the journal Science Advances, found that tiny photonic structures of lepidopterans could p...
Chinese, German scientists find 280 mnl-year-old fossil starch

  NANJING, March 13 (Xinhua) -- A research group from China and Germany discovered fossilized starch dating back at least 280 million years, the earliest record of such a fossil to date.
  Scientists found lycopsid megaspores bearing caps of granular material in a coal bed in Baode County, n...
[Dailymail]'It's like a mythical beast': Experts discover 518-million-year-old fossilised sea creature that's 'strange beyond measure'

  By Tracy You, 30 November 2017, Dailymail
  Fossils of a rare and mysterious ancient sea creature with a worm-like body, helmet-like shell and scary spikes have been discovered.
  Archaeologists have described the heavily-armoured creature - thought to date back about 518 million years -...
[Nownews.seoul.co.kr]The mystery of the ancient marine fossils found
BY 윤태희 기자 2017.12.04, Nownews.seoul.co.kr날카로운 가시가 잔뜩 박힌 긴 몸에 헬멧처럼 단단한 머리를 가진 고대 바다 생명체 화석이 발견됐다.영국 일간 데일리메일 보도에 따르면, 화석은 5억4100만 년 전부터 4억8540만 년 전까지인 캄브리아기에 살았던 많은 고대 생명체가 매장돼 있는 중국 윈난성에서 발굴...
[Lainformacion]Descubren en China una criatura marina de 518 millones de a?os de antigüedad
By DIEGO MARIÑO, Viernes, 01 Diciembre 2017, lainformacion
  Yunnan, la región del sur de China, es una auténtica mina de fósiles de animales. En 2015, investigadores del Instituto de Geología y Paleontología de Ninjang hallaron el primero. Acto seguido le siguió otro hallazgo en 2016 po...
[wprost.pl]Naukowcy odkryli ?mityczn? besti?”. To ?robak” sprzed 500 mln lat

  2 grudinia 2017 Wprost.pl
  Sensacyjnego odkrycia dokonali ostatnio chińscy naukowcy, którzy trafili na skamielinę tajemniczego stworzenia, żyjącego w oceanach ponad 500 mln lat temu – podaje „Telegraph”.
  Malutkie morskie stworzenie zostało określone przez naukowców jako „m...
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