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· [Nature]How the first trees grew so large [2017-10-24]
· [Science]The world’s first trees grew by splitting their guts [2017-10-23]
· WANG Chengyuan of NIGPAS was awarded the Pander Medal [2017-08-30]
· WANG Weiming was elected as a vice-president of the International Federation ... [2017-07-20]
· Memorandum of Understanding signed between NIGPAS and Swedish Museum of Natur... [2017-05-23]
· Memorandum of Understanding signed between NIGPAS and BGS [2017-05-23]
· Macroevolution of Early Palaeozoic Faunas and IGCP653 Workshop held in Nanjing [2017-05-17]
· Glenn Brock assuming CAS visiting professorship [2017-05-09]
· Oliver Lehnert assuming CAS visiting professorship [2017-05-09]
· Anisimova Anatolievna assuming CAS visiting professorship [2017-05-09]
· David J. Bottjer made lectures on Paleogenomics [2017-05-05]
· PALAEONEWS > No.4 2016 [2017-02-08]
· Workshop on Advanced Techniques for Palaeobiology held in Nanjing [2017-02-08]
· Memorandum of Understanding signed between NIGPAS and IGS, PAS [2017-02-08]
· YIN Zongjun was awarded the 2016 Academic Praise for Biology by the Gottingen... [2017-02-08]
· 14th International Palynological Congress (IPC) and 10th International Organi... [2017-02-08]
· Paul Taylor given lectures on the oceanic paleoecology in NIGPAS [2017-02-08]
· NIGPAS Scientists Attended the 35th International Geological Congress [2017-02-08]
· GBDB leader visited the British Geological Survey [2017-02-08]
· NIGPAS researchers took part in Conference in Australia [2017-02-08]
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