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· Dr. Joseph Botting: Early sponges: phylogeny, diversity and the end-Ordovicia... [2017-01-10]
· Dr. Shane Schoepfer: PTB in W N America and Open Panthalassic Ocean [2016-12-12]
· Prof. Carl Brett: Taphonomy and Sequence Stratigraphy [2016-11-25]
· Profs. Rachel Wood & Andrey Zhuravlev: Ediacaran skeletal animals [2016-11-24]
· Dr. Florian Maderspacher: Publishing in interdisciplinary journal [2016-11-17]
· Prof. Philip Donoghue: Workshop on new techniques in palaeobiology [2016-11-16]
· Prof. David Ferguson: How to write a scientific paper and get it published [2016-11-11]
· Dr. Piotr Krzywiec: New seismic data and basin evolution in Poland [2016-11-03]
· Prof. Mikael Calner: The Lower Paleozoic succession of Baltoscandia [2016-11-01]
· Prof. Ardadiusz Derkowski: Research and perspectives at IGS, PAS [2016-10-31]
· Prof. Paul Taylor: Marine Palaeoecology Lecutures (8 talks) [2016-10-17]
· Prof. Josef Psenicka: Plant anatomy and undergrowth palaeoecology of Lower P... [2016-10-08]
· Prof. Derek Siveter: Virtual fossils: The soft-bodied Silurian fauna of the H... [2016-09-20]
· Dr. Sibelle MAKSOUD: Holostratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous of Lebanon [2016-09-12]
· Prof. Dany AZAR: Lebanese amber: Latest news and discoveries [2016-09-12]
· Prof. Aharon Oren: Geobiology Seminar(6 talks) [2016-07-26]
· Dr. Sun Xiaowen: A case study of carbonate sequence stratigraphy(3 talks) [2016-06-24]
· Prof. Isabel Montanez: Deep-time Paleoclimatology and Late Paleozoic Icehouse... [2016-06-22]
· Dr. Zhang Libing: Species diversity and evolution of ferns in Karst [2016-06-21]
· Dr. Jacek Szwedo: Zoological Nomenclature [2016-06-13]
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