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Prospects of Stratigrahpy and Palaeobiology

● Prospects of Synthetic Stratigraphy

Jin Yu-gan and Li Chun

pp. 1-8, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● The Crucial Moment of the Chinese Palaeontology — Challenge and Expectation

Mu Xi-nan

pp. 9-16, in Chinese (Download full-text)

Research Progresses

● Advances in the Expert System of Identifying Fossil Spores and Pollen

Chen Min-min, Sun Zhi-liang, Song Zhi-chen and Huang Pin

pp. 17-22, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● New Data of the Evolution of Biominerals

Dai Yong-ding

pp. 23-25, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Research Advances in the Biostratigraphy and Palaeoecology of Conodonts in the Kuniutan Formation (Ordovician) of the Central Yangtze Platform

Zhang Jian-hua

pp. 26-27, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Pagoda Facies — A “Fashion” Biosedimentation of Ordovician Time

Chen Jun-yuan, M. Lindstrom and Zhang Jun-ming

pp. 28-29, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Research Advances on the Classification and Evolution of Eospiriferids

Rong Jia-yu and M. G. Bassett

p. 30, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Discovery of the Earliest Devonian Graptolites from Ximeng, Yunnan

Chen Xu and Quan Qiu-qi

pp. 31-32, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● New Progresses of the Research on the Devonian Coral Assemblages from Guilin

Bao Hui-min

pp. 33-35, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● An Annual Report of Project Paleogeographic Evolution of South China

Jin Yu-gan and Zhang Jin

pp. 36-38, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Two Phases of the End-Permian Extinction

Jin Yu-gan

p. 39, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● A Summary of Division and Correlation of the Cretaceous Rocks around the Pacific Peripheral Region of Eastern China

Chen Pei-ji

pp. 40-44, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● An outline of the Eogene Climatology of King George Island, Antarctic

Li Hao-min

pp. 45-46, in Chinese (Download full-text)


● New Discovery of Macrofossils in Doushantuo Formation (Late Sinian) from Eastern Yangtze Gorges

Chen Meng-e and Xiao Zong-zheng

pp. 47-50, 2 plates, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Two Clastic-Swamp Phytocommunities in Successive Replacement and Autochthonous Taphocoenoses from Upper Carboniferous at Xiaheyan of Zhongwei, Ningxia

Shen Guang-long, Wu Xiu-yuan and Sun Bai-nian

pp. 51-62, 4 plates, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● A Forearc Model for Ashgill Flysch Basin in Western Zhejiang and Southern Anhui with a Special Reference to Huanan Caledonian Orogeny

Geng Liang-yu

pp. 63-98, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Discussion on Causes of Ashgill Mass Extinction in South China

Geng Liang-yu

pp. 99-103, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● A Discovery on Ecology of Large Complex Acritarchs in Doushantuo Formation (Terminal Proterozoic) of South China

Yin Lei-ming

pp. 104-112, 1 plate, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Carbon Isotope Perturbation near the Permian–Triassic Boundary at Meishan of Changxing, Zhejiang Province

Yan Zheng, Xu Dao-yi, Ye Lian-fang and Liu Rong-mo

pp. 113-119, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Ecostratigraphy of Lower Triassic in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui Provinces

Ding Mei-hua and Wei A-juan

pp. 120-136, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Chinese Geology and Palaeontology Relics in World Heritage

Sun Wei-guo and Pan Jiang

pp. 137-139, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● An Introduction to the Relics of Miocene Shangwang Biota in Shandong

Pan Jiang

pp. 140-146, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● A Preliminary Study in the Decimal 10-bit System of Identifying Recent and Quaternary Fossil Spore-Pollen

Luo Lun-de and Wang Wei

pp. 147-155, in Chinese (Download full-text)


● New light on Geology of Hainan Island

Yu Zi-ye

● Was Hainan Island a Part of the Late Palaeozoic Gondwana?

Fang Zong-jie

● Discussion

Yu Zi-ye

● Reply

Fang Zong-jie

pp. 156-160, in Chinese (Download full-text)

Annual Reports of the Laboratory

● No. 1 (Nov. 1989)

● No. 2 (Dec. 1990)

pp. 161-167, in Chinese (Download full-text)

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