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● Study on systematic position of Tawuia in Shilu Group in Hainan Island, and deposition environment

Zhang Renjie, Yao Huazhou and Yan Daoping

pp. 1-14, 5 plates, in Chinese, with English summary (Download full-text)

● Biomineralization of the stratabound gold deposit near the Sichuan–Gansu boundary

Zhou Xiugao, Xie Shucheng, Li Lin, Wu Shunbao and Liu Jinhua

pp. 15-55, 3 plates, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Discussion on Isarcicella parva of the Early Triassic

Ding Meihua, Zhang Kexin and Lai Xulong

pp. 56-63, 1 plate, in English (Download full-text)

● Some remarks to the conodonts Hindeodus and Isarcicella in the latest Permian and earliest Triassic

H. Kozur

pp. 64-77, 3 plates, in English (Download full-text)

● Progress in molecular palaeontology: research on fossil DNA

Yang Qun and Shang Qinghua

pp. 78-81, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Reports and bulletins of the laboratory

pp. 82-94, in Chinese (Download full-text)

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