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● Lower Carboniferous miospore assemblages from the Longba Formation in Gengma, West Yunnan, China and their phytogeographic significance

Yang Wei-ping, Roger Neves and Liu Ben-pei

pp. 1-19, 2 plates, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Relationships between fossil Pediastrum and petroleum formation

He Cheng-quan, Wang Kai-fa, Zhang Yu-lan, Wu Guo-xuan, Li Yi-yin and Zhang Hui-zhi

pp. 21-27, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Late Proterozoic tubular fossils from the Doushantuo Formation of Weng'an, Guizhou, China

Li Guo-xiang, Xue Yao-song and Zhou Chuan-ming

pp. 29-37, 2 plates, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● A new Tabulata coral from the Lower Carboniferous in West Yunnan: Palaeocis lata n. sp.

Wang Xiang-dong

pp. 39-47, 2 plates, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● The genus Pseudosanguinolites and some modioliform bivalves (Mainly Palaeozoic)

Fang Zong-jie and Noel J. Morris

pp. 49-74, 5 plates, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Early Cretaceous insects from the Dalazi Formation of the Zhixin Basin, Jilin Province, China

Zhang Hai-chun

pp. 75-103, 4 plates, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Restudy on the type species of Sinodiversograptus Mu and Chen 1962

Chen Xu and David K. Loydell

pp. 105-106, in English (Download full-text)

● Elasmobranchs from the Lower Tertiary of the western Tarim Basin and their biostratigraphic significance

Li Guo-qing

pp. 107-136, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Paleogene Bivalve Communities in the western Tarim Basin and their paleoenvironmental implications

Lan Xiu

pp. 137-157, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Features of Namurian Flora in China

Wu Xiu-yuan and Liu Lu-jun

pp. 159-175, 4 plates, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous sequence stratigraphy of the Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, NW China

Chen Zhong-Qiang

pp. 177-196, 1 plate, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Rare earth elements in Late Precambrian phosphorites

Zhou Chuan-ming

pp. 197-204, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

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