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Prospects of Stratigraphy and Palaeobiology

● Towards a Theorized Subject for Palaeontology — Comments on Some Popular Topics in Theoretical Palaeontology

Rong Jia-yu and Fang Zong-jie

pp. 1-14, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● A new Frontier Science — Phytolithics

Shen Guang-long and Wu Xiu-yuan

pp. 15-16, in Chinese (Download full-text)

Research Progresses

● Recent Developments in the Research of the Miaohe Biota from the Late Sinian in Eastern Yangtze Gorges

Chen Meng-e, Xiao Zhong-zheng and Yuan Xun-lai

p. 17, in Chinese (Download full-text)


● Techniques in Chemically Extracting Fossil Radiolaria

Yang Qun

pp. 18-24, in Chinese (Download full-text)


● Jehol Fauna and Mesozoic Stratigraphy and Tectonic Evolution in Qinling-Dabie Orogenic Belt

Chen Pei-ji and Yuan Feng-tian

pp. 25-40, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Some Early Cretaceous Ostracods from Southern Shaanxi and Western Henan

Yuan Feng-tian and Ma Li-xia

pp. 41-48, 3 plates, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● A Contribution to the Knowledge of Insects from the Later Mesozoic in Southern Shaanxi and Henan Provinces, China

Zhang Jun-feng

pp. 49-56, 1 plate, in Chinese, with English summary (Download full-text)

● Early Cretaceous Fossil Conchostracans from Southern Shaanxi and Western Henan

Li Gang

pp. 57-72, 4 plates, in Chinese, with English summary (Download full-text)

● The Upper Jurassic Eosestheria Fauna from Luoshan, Xinyang, Southern Henan Province

Wang De-you and Chen Pei-ji

pp. 73-75, 2 plates, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Early Cretaceous Fossil Plants from Shangxian Basin of Shaanxi and Nanzhao District of Henan, China

Wu Xiang-wu

pp. 76-99, 8 plates, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Early Cretaceous Charophytes from Southern Shaanxi and Western Henan

Yuan Feng-tian, Zhang Ze-run and Ma Li-xia

pp. 100-105, 4 plates, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Early Cretaceous Sporo-Pollen Assemblages and Their Stratigraphical Significance in Shangxian, Shaanxi Province

Fu Jun-hui and Hou Hong-wei

pp. 106-112, 3 plates, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Characteristics of Soluble Organic Matter in Algal Limestone from the Middle Cambrian Zhangxia Formation, Jinan, Shandong

Mu Xi-nan, Wu Qing-yu, Yin Shi and Bao Hui-ming

pp. 113-118, 1 plate, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Lithology and Lithofacies of the Ordovician Guniutan Formation (Arenig–Llanvirn) in Yichang, Hubei

Zhang Jian-hua

pp. 119-126, 2 plates, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Mass Extinctions of Tentaculitoids

Li You-xing

pp. 127-130, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Ordovician Plate Tectonics of China and Its Neighboring Region

Chen Xu and Rong Jia-yu

pp. 131-143, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● A Preliminary Study of Transfer Function Between Pollen and Climate in Changbai and Xiaoxing'anling Mountains

Shen Cai-ming and Tang Ling-yu

pp. 144-151, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● On the Occurrence of A Plant-Detritus Taphocoenose from Permian–Triassic Redbeds in Pingliang, Gansu

Wang Zi-qiang

pp. 152-162, 6 plates, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Permian Fossil Communities and Depositional Environments

Wu Sun-bao, Zhang Ke-xin, Zhang Xiu-mei and Kuang Wen

pp. 163-174, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Acritarch Assemblages from Dongzhuang Shale in Southwestern Margin of Ordos Basin and Their Geological Age

Yin Lei-ming, Yuan Xiao-qi, Zhang Ji-song and Fu Zhi-yan

pp. 175-183, 3 plates, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Flexural Interpretation of Relationships Between Later Ordovician–Silurian Tectonism and Stratigraphic Sequences, Southeastern Yangtze Plate China

Geng Liang-yu

pp. 184-210, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Discussion on Some Problem Concerning Early Palaeozoic History of Northern Margin of Tarim Plate

Geng Liang-yu

pp. 211-233, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Ore Prospecting Significance of Famennian Tentaculitoids from Dachang, Guangxi, China

Li You-xing

pp. 234-238, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Research for the Terms of Pollen-Spore Shape-Structure in POCISA (Part 1): On the Type of P-S Grain, P-S Body and Germinator

Luo Lun-de

pp. 239-252, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Building BF Expert System with FoxBASE+

Chen Min-ming, Sun Zhi-liang, Song Zhi-chen and Huang Pin

pp. 253-257, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Numerical Taxonomy and Identifying Program of Tentaculitoids

Li You-xing

pp. 258-269, in Chinese (Download full-text)

● Radiolarian Assemblages from T/J Boundary Strata in the Nadanhada Terrane, Northeast China

Yang Qun

pp. 270-294, 3 plates, in English (Download full-text)

● Biological, Sedimentary and Geochemical Events Across Frasnian–Famennian Boundary in a Section of Deep-Water Facies in Guangxi, South China

Hou Hong-fei, Yan Zheng, Zhou Huai-lin and Wang Kun

p. 295, in English (Download full-text)

● On the Catastrophic Event Markets of the Permian–Triassic Boundary in China

Xu Dao-yi and Yan Zheng

pp. 296-297, in English (Download full-text)

● Organic Carbon Isotope Perturbation Across the Ordovician–Silurian Boundary Layer of the Wangjiawan Section, Yichang City, China

Xu Dao-yi, Yan Zheng and Ye Lian-fang

pp. 298-299, in English (Download full-text)

● The Latest Result of Carbon Isotope Anomalies Near the F/F Boundary at the Xiantian Section, Guangxi, China

Yan Zheng, Ye Lian-fang and Hou Houg-fei

pp. 300-301, in English (Download full-text)

● Carbon Isotope Anomalies Near the K/T Boundary at the Aertasi Section, Xinjiang, China

Yan Zheng, Xu Dao-yi and Ye Lian-fang

pp. 302-303, in English (Download full-text)

● Concepts and Methods of High-Resolution Event Stratigraphy

E. G. Kauffman

pp. 304-333, in Chinese, translated by Xiao Shu-hai (Download full-text)

[Original text: E. G. Kauffman, 1988. Concepts and Methods of High-Resolution Event Stratigraphy. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 16: 605-651.]

Annual Reports of the Laboratory

● No. 3 (Dec. 1991)

pp. 334-336, in Chinese (Download full-text)

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