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Special Issue
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Silurian Chitinozoans from the Yangtze Region

Geng Liang-yu, Qian Zhe-shu, Ding Lian-shen, Wang Yue, Wang Gen-xian and Cai Xi-yao

pp. 1-152, 20 plates, in English


This monograph is a taxonomic and biostratigraphic study of the chitinozoans from the Silurian strata found in the Yangtze Region. The chitinozoans are assigned to 69 species (9 indeterminate species) of 20 genera. Four genera are described as new (Grahnichitina, Nanochitina, Retiachitina, and Sericochitina) and fifteen species as new: Angochitina heterotricha, A. rarispinosa, Belonechitina filora, Conochitina obesa, C. parallela, C. sacciformis, C. taixianensis, Eisenackitina verruculifera, E. zhangjiajieensis, Grahnichitina campaniformis, Lambdachitina synaphacantha, L. bipedata, L. homotricha, Retiachitina bombycina, and Sericochitina polytrica. Two new subfamilies (Retiachitininae and Sericochitininae) are erected here. Seventeen biozones are proposed (from below): (1) Plectochitina nodifera, (2) Belonechitina postrobusta, (3) Conochitina electa, (4) Bursachitina rectangularis, (5) C. rossica, (6) C. truncata, (7) Plectochitina brevicollis, (8) Angochitina longicollis, (9) Conochitina visbyensis, (10) Ancyrochitina ansarviensis, (11) Cingulochitina cingulata, (12) Lambdachitina tabernaculifera, (13) L. crassispina, (14) Grahnichitina philipi, (15) Angochitina sinica, (16) Fungochitina kosovensis, and (17) Margachitina sp. A. Their worldwidely correlative values are discussed and associated macrofossils are considered.

Keywords: Chitinozoans, Silurian, Yangtze Region

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