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Special Issue
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Cambrian System of South China

Edited by Peng Shanchi, Loren E. Babcock and Zhu Maoyan


Peng Shanchi, Zhu Maoyan and Zhao Yuanlong

in English (Download full-text)


● Cambrian of the Hunan-Guizhou Region, South China

Peng Shanchi and Loren E. Babcock

pp. 3-51, in English (Download full-text)

● Special observations concerning the Sinian–Cambrian transition and its stratigraphic implications on the central and SW Yangtze Platform, China

Bernd-D. Erdtmann and Michael Steiner

pp. 52-65, in English (Download full-text)

● Stratigraphy, paleontology, and depositional setting of the Chengjiang Lagerstätte (Lower Cambrian), Yunnan, China

Loren E. Babcock and Zhang Wentang

pp. 66-86, in English (Download full-text)

● Correlation in the Cambrian: puzzling facts or wrong concepts?

Gerd Geyer

pp. 87-98, in English (Download full-text)

● Illustrations of polymeroid trilobites from the Huaqiao Formation (Middle–Upper Cambrian), Paibi and Wangcun sections, northwestern Hunan, China

Peng Shanchi, Loren E. Babcock and Lin Huanling

pp. 99-122, 16 plates, in English (Download full-text)

Field Excursion Guides

● Map showing Cambrian outcrops in western Hunan and eastern Guizhou

p. 124, in English (Download full-text)

Route 1: Sancha and Wa'ergang, Hunan Province

● The Sancha-Wangjiashan section, Hunan Province, China: occurrence of syngenetic Fe-Ni-Mo ore layers near the base of the lowermost Cambrian Niutitang Formation

Michael Steiner and Bernd-D. Erdtmann

pp. 125-131, in English (Download full-text)

● Cambrian and Ordovician stratigraphy at Wa'ergang, Hunan Province, China: bases of the Waergangian and Taoyuanian stages of the Cambrian System

Peng Shanchi, Loren E. Babcock, Lin Huanling and Chen yongan

pp. 132-150, in English (Download full-text)

Route 2: Wangcun, Hunan Province

● Cambrian stratigraphy at Wangcun, Hunan Province, China: stratotypes for bases of the Wangcunian and Youshuian stages

Peng Shanchi, Loren E. Babcock, Lin Huanling, Chen Yongan and Zhu Xuejian

pp. 151-161, in English (Download full-text)

Route 3: Paibi, Hunan Province (3a); Huanglian, Guizhou Province (3b)

● Cambrian stratigraphy at Paibi, Hunan Province, China: candidate section for a global unnamed series and reference section for the Waergangian Stage

Peng Shanchi, Loren E. Babcock, Lin Huanling, Chen Yongan and Zhu Xuejian

pp. 162-171, in English (Download full-text)

● Cambrian Stratigraphy at Huanglian, Guizhou Province, China: reference section for bases of the Nangaoan and Duyunian stages

Zhao Yuanlong, Yu Youyi, Yuan Jinliang, Yang Xinglian and Guo Qingjun

pp. 172-181, 1 plate, in English (Download full-text)

Route 4: Wuhe, Guizhou Province

● Sinian–Cambrian stratigraphy at Wuhe, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province, China: interval from the Neoproterozoic tillite to the Upper Cambrian dolostone

Zhu Maoyan, Zhang Junming, Zhao Yuanlong, Yang Aihua and Tai Tongshu

pp. 182-188, in English (Download full-text)

Route 5: Balang, Guizhou Province

● Cambrian stratigraphy at Balang, Guizhou Province, China: candidate section for a global unnamed series and stratotype section for the Taijiangian Stage

Zhao Yuanlong, Yang Ruidong, Yuan Jinliang, Zhu Maoyan, Guo Qingjun, Yang Xinglian and Tai Tongshu

pp. 189-208, 7 plates, in English (Download full-text)

Route 6: Gezhongwu, Guizhou Province

● Sinian–Cambrian boundary stratigraphy at Gezhongwu, Zhijin County, Guizhou Province, China: phosphorite and small shelly fossils

Zhu Maoyan, Zhang Junming and Qian yi

pp. 209-215, in English (Download full-text)

Post-Conference Field Excursions

● Introduction and maps

pp. 216-218, in English (Download full-text)

Route 1: Maotianshan and Ma'anshan, Yunnan Province

● The Early Cambrian Chengjiang Biota: quarries of nonmineralized fossils at Maotianshan and Ma'anshan, Chengjiang County, Yunnan Province, China

Zhu Maoyan, Zhang Junming and Li Guoxiang

pp. 219-225, in English (Download full-text)

Route 2: Meishucun Area, Yunnan Province

● Precambrian–Cambrian boundary stratigraphy at Meishucun, Yunnan Province, China: base of the Cambrian and the first appearance of trilobite

Zhu Maoyan, Zhang Junming, Michael Steiner and Li Guoxiang

pp. 226-235, in English (Download full-text)

● The Early Cambrian Chengjiang Biota: new quarry and discoveries near Ercaicun, Haikou Town, Kunming County, Yunnan Province, China

Zhu Maoyan, Zhang Junming, Hu Shixue, Wang Haifeng and Li Guoxiang

pp. 236-238, in English (Download full-text)

South China 2001: Abstracts and Short Papers

● Ichnofossils and microbial activity in the Precambrian/Cambrian transition of northwestern Argentina

Guillermo Aceñolaza and Florencio Aceñolaza

pp. 241-244, in English (Download full-text)

● Middle Cambrian biostratigraphy of the Almbacken drill-core, Scania, Sweden

Niklas Axheimer and Per Ahlberg

pp. 245-246, in English (Download full-text)

● New occurrence of exceptionally preserved fossils in the Middle Cambrian of Hunan, China: significance with respect to global correlation

Loren E. Babcock and Peng Shanchi

pp. 247-249, in English (Download full-text)

● Malformed agnostoid trilobite from the Middle Cambrian of northwestern Hunan, China

Loren E. Babcock and Peng Shanchi

pp. 250-251, in English (Download full-text)

● A conodont biozonation for the Middle Cambrian through lowermost Ordovician in Hunan, South China

Dong Xiping, John E. Repetski and Stig M. Bergström

pp. 252-255, in English (Download full-text)

● Middle Cambrian trilobites and stages of the Malyi Karatau Ridge southern Kazakhstan

G. Kh. Ergaliev and F. G. Ergaliev (Jr.)

p. 256, in English (Download full-text)

Arthricocephalus chauveaui Bergeron — a key species for the correlation of a global Cambrian stage boundary

Terence P. Fletcher

pp. 257-260, in English (Download full-text)

● Late Cambrian jellyfish from central Wisconsin, USA

Lisa-ann Gershwin, Jere H. Lipps, Robert H. Dott, Jr. and Dan Damrow

p. 261, in English (Download full-text)

● The biostratigraphic potential of Early Cambrian molluscs

Alexander P. Gubanov

p. 262, in English (Download full-text)

● A Glyptagnostus stolidotus fauna from northern Victoria Land, Antarctica

James B. Jago and Roger A. Cooper

pp. 263-265, in English (Download full-text)

● Cambrian stratigraphy of the Taebaeksan Basin, Korea and its correlation with China and Australia

Imseong Kang, Paul Hong, Jeong Gu Lee and Duck K. Choi

pp. 266-269, in English (Download full-text)

● Lower and Middle Cambrian boundary and trilobites from Northeast Siberian Platform

Igor V. Korovnikov

pp. 270-275, in English (Download full-text)

● Upper Cambrian levels of biostratigraphical correlation in the Khos-Nelege River reference section (northeastern flank of the Siberian Platform)

Nadezhda P. Lazarenko and Tatyana V. Pegel

pp. 276-279, in English (Download full-text)

● Protists and the Precambrian–Cambrian skeletonization event

Jere H. Lipps

p. 280, in English (Download full-text)

● Trophic styles in Neoproterozoic and Cambrian marine communities

Jere H. Lipps, Lisa-ann Gershwin and M. A. Fedonkin

pp. 281-282, in English (Download full-text)

● Lower Cambrian of Siberian Platform

V. A. Luchinina, Yu. Ya. Shabanov and Igor V. Korovnikov

pp. 283-287, in English (Download full-text)

● Competitive candidate sections for the Middle–Upper Cambrian boundary stratotype in eastern Liaoning, North China

Luo Kunli

pp. 288-290, in English (Download full-text)

● Lithostratigraphy and geochemistry of lowermost Cambrian deposits on the southwest edge of the North China Platform

Luo Kunli

pp. 291-292, in English (Download full-text)

● Early Cambrian phytoplankton radiations and appearance of metazoans

Malgorzata Moczydlowska

pp. 293-296, in English (Download full-text)

● On the Cambrian sediments in North Vietnam

Pham Kim Ngan

p. 297, in English (Download full-text)

● Subdividing the upper part of the Cambrian System: a suggestion

Richard A. Robison

p. 298, in English (Download full-text)

● Carbon isotope stratigraphy of the Upper Cambrian Steptoean Stage and equivalents worldwide

Matthew R. Saltzman

p. 299, in English (Download full-text)

● Trilobite faunal successions across the Cambrian–Ordovician boundary interval in Korea

Jany W. Sohn, Seung-B. Lee, D. H. Kim and Duck K. Choi

pp. 300-303, in English (Download full-text)

● Peculiarities of Cambrian faunas and Cambrian stratigraphy

Andrey Yu. Zhuravlev

pp. 304-305, in English (Download full-text)

● The formation of the Early Cambrian Sinsk Lagerstätten and their biota (Siberian Platform)

Andrey Yu. Zhuravlev, Andrey Yu. Ivantsov, Valentin A. Krassilov, Anton V. Leguta and Galina T. Ushatinskaya

p. 306, in English (Download full-text)

Late Arrived Abstracts

● Stratigraphic significance of Middle and Upper Cambrian protoconodonts and paraconondonts from Hunan, South China

Dong Xiping and Stig M. Bergström

pp. 307-309, in English (Download full-text)

● Cambrian inarticulate brachiopods from Nevada and Texas

Sarah Rieboldt

p. 310, in English (Download full-text)

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