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Special Issue
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Permian Stratigraphy, Environments and Resources

Volume 2: Stratigraphy & Environment

Edited by Jin Yugan, Bruce R. Wardlaw and Wang Yue

● On the Lopingian Series of the Permian System

Jin Yugan, Mei-Shilong, Wang Wei, Wang Xiangdong, Shen Shuzhong, Shang Qinghua and Chen Zhongqiang

pp. 1-18, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Uppermost Carboniferous and Lowermost Permian Deposition and Conodont Biostratigraphy of Kansas, USA

Darwin R. Boardman, II, Merlynd K. Nestell and Bruce R. Wardlaw

pp. 19-32, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● A Discussion of the Early Reported Species of Clarkina (Permian Conodonta) and the Possible Origin of the Genus

Bruce R. Wardlaw and Mei Shilong

pp. 33-52, 7 plates, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Conodont Succession of the Guadalupian–Lopingian Boundary Strata in Laibin of Guangxi, China and West Texas, USA

Mei Shilong, Jin Yugan and Bruce R. Wardlaw

pp. 53-76, 10 plates, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Carboniferous–Permian Event: Rise of the Glossopteris Flora on Gondwanaland


pp. 77-86, 1 plate, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Paleobiogeography of Late Permian Bryozoa

Ernest H. Gilmour, Iraida P. Morozova and Leonard M. Neyens, Jr.

pp. 87-96, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● A Review on Nomenclature and Evolutionary Patterns, with Particular Reference to the Asian-Western Pacific Region

Shi Guangrong

pp. 97-112, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Permian Ammonoid Fauna of the Kitakami Massif, Northeast Japan — Biostratigraphy and Paleobiogeography

Masayuki Ehiro

pp. 113-122, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Permian Basin and its Gondwanan Sediments in Central Xizang (Tibet) and Himalayas

Liu Guanghua

pp. 123-146, 3 plates, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Microstratigraphy of Permo-Triassic transitional sequence of the Meishan Section, Zhejiang, China

Cao Changqun and Shang Qinghua

pp. 147-152, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

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