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Special Issue
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Permian Stratigraphy, Environments and Resources

Volume 1: Palaeontology & Stratigraphy

Edited by Jin Yugan, John Utting and Bruce R. Wardlaw

I. Stratigraphy

● An Operational Scheme of Permian Chronostratigraphy

Jin Yu-gan, Brain F. Glenister, Galina V. Kotlyar and Sheng Jin-zhang

pp. 1-13, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Correlation of Permian deposits in China

Sheng Jin-zhang and Jin Yu-gan

pp. 14-113, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text  file 1  file 2  file 3)

● On the Chihsian Successions in South China

Zhu Zi-li and Zhang Lin-xin

pp. 114-137, 1 plate, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● The Maokouan–Lopingian boundary sequences

Jin Yu-gan, Zhu Zi-li and Mei Shi-long

pp. 138-152, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Reassessment of the index fossils at the Paleozoic–Mesozoic boundary

Yin Hong-fu

pp. 153-171, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

II. Palaeontology

● Biostratigraphy and Systematics of Permian Radiolarians in China

Wang Yu-jing, Cheng Yen-nien and Yang Qun

pp. 172-202, 4 plates, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Early Permian conodonts from the Nashui Section, Luodian of Guizhou

Wang Zhi-hao

pp. 203-224, 4 plates, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Zonation of conodonts from the Maokouan–Wuchiapingian boundary strata, South China

Mei Shi-long, Jin Yu-gan and Bruce R. Wardlaw

pp. 225-233, 2 plates, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● A conodont-based high-resolution eventostratigraphy and biostratigraphy for the Permian–Triassic boundaries in South China

Wang Cheng-yuan

pp. 234-248, 1 plate, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)

● Gastropod Diversity Patterns in South China during the Chihsia–Ladinian and their mass extinction

Pan Hua-zhang and Douglas H. Erwin

pp. 249-259, in English (View abstract) (Download full-text)


pp. 260-262, in English (Download full-text)

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