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pp. 225-233 (abstract)
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Zonation of conodonts from the Maokouan–Wuchiapingian boundary strata, South China

Mei Shi-long, Jin Yu-gan and Bruce R. Wardlaw

pp. 225-233, 2 plates, in English


A complete succession consisting of ten conodont zones is recognized based on the samples from the Maokouan–Wuchiapingian boundary beds in eastern Guangxi and northern Sichuan. Two new species, Mesogondolella granti and Clarkina postbitteri are proposed, and a distinct species, Mesogondolella shannoi Wardlaw is reported firstly in area other than its type locality.

Keywords: Permian, conodonts, zonation, Maokouan, Wuchiapingian

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