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Int'I Cooperation
MoU was signed between PSC and PSJ
GBDB was supported by IAS for its platform construction
The first-stage digital cooperation between GBDB and BGS ...
· China Focus: World's oldest flowers originated from Early Jurassic[2018-12-20]
· Chinese-led team identifies duration of mass extinction 252 mln yea...[2018-09-20]
· PALAEONEWS > No.7 2018[2018-08-09]
· A new “Golden Spike” settled in China: GSSP of the Wuliuan Stage ...[2018-08-01]
· The 8th National Congress of Fossil Amateurs was held[2018-05-21]
· Textbook Life Evolution and Environment was published[2018-04-24]
· The 4th National Pop-Scientific Seminar of Geology and Palaeontolog...[2018-04-15]
· The 2nd Drishti Workshop on Scientific Visualization was held[2018-03-23]

Research Progress
· Evolution of the genus Cribroconcha Cooper, 1941 (Ostracoda, Crusta...[2020-10-21]
· Spatio-temporal distribution of the Devonian lycopsid Leclercqia[2020-10-15]
· Fossil evidence of early eukaryotes has been found in the early Pro...[2020-10-12]
· Raman spectroscopy of carbonaceous material in Proterozoic organic-...[2020-09-30]
· Paleo-environmental changes during the Middle–Late Ordovician tran...[2020-09-27]
· Exceptionally preserved specimens reveal the reproductive strategie...[2020-09-14]
· Giant sperm and reproductive organs in 100-million-year-old ostracods[2020-09-16]
· Dinganthus sheds new light on the evolution of flowers[2020-09-14]

Library & Publications
The NIGPAS library, founded in 1953, now houses over 280,000 volumes of professional books and tomes on palaeontology and stratigraphy. Among these...

· Josef Psenicka et al.: Stor...[2017-11-30]
· Prof. LI Tiegang: Prospect ...[2017-11-23]
· Dr. Markus Aretz: Biostrati...[2017-10-14]
· Prof. Torsten WAPPLER: Plan...[2017-10-17]
For Fossil Enthusiasts
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